Now, I don't want to be bias and god I hate to dislike people but the thing is there are times we will never get along nor be friends. However, I can respect all people even I hate that person with passion of fire & ice. This is my simple message to all geeks of deeper geeks; I respect you for your intelligence but don't except me to be your "buddy" or a classmate. Just today there was girl who wants to get so comfortable by impressing her compliment of my tote. I did thank her for her kind words but she reminded me of another girl who was so annoying and tried to take an advantage of me back in Biochemistry I and ugh it makes me want to vomit. I know it sound harsh and cruel but the thing about me is that there are specific people or individuals that I strongly feel we will never get along and I mean NEVER EVER. Even if I have to work with that person that's a different story because it's called teamwork and focusing on work & missions.

 There is a "past life" and whether you are skeptic or not I know we had at least few past lives. Past lives or reincarnation is a same soul who maybe different physical form but in the inside our souls are the same because you are you. I know that when I get along with people or certain individual its because I'm drawn to them because we might have met in different time. For instance my mother and I could have been friends or sisters or you & I were siblings and so on. The point is it's not because I hate you because who you are or what you look like its because we were never meant to be together or be friends. Stop forcing yourself by trying to attention from me because it looks odd and annoying. Sorry, but that's the reality. Mainly, the reason is because you probably were a jerk or caused horrible ways in the past lives where we vowed not to get along.

 Some of you need to get a life and mind your business. Focus on what you need to do and respect for what you have and grateful for. I'm grateful to meet new but positive, kind and respected allies/friends/classmates that I have met or still see around in the campus. I have noticed that there are two "blondies" that I usually see at girls locker room at the FAU gym on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I don't know why you stare or look at me intently for or what ever the f--- is but really knock it off because its getting old & stupid. Like I said before MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Well gotta go and enough of my gibberish crap. I need sleep and get ready to workout of my body & mind.

May your soul be grateful and with respect,

 Look I know, it's an intense lab work for physics but seriously you're annoying Oscar Rivera. You are such a nervous freak and hate to admit it but you have poor hygiene. Get used to it, I hear this complaint of  "I hate it it's 1 credit course lab." Well, guess what in nationwide any college or university, courses of general biology/chemistry and/or physics lab is 1 credit. At the same time, the education nowadays is changing but not getting any better. I see too many typos or errors in the lab manual and even textbooks. But it is your part to try your best by being prepared and if you don't know or stuck on certain parts of what you're learning then have courage to ask. Oscar, you're in fucking college, this is NOT rocket science, you're NOT working in NASA or doing a SPACE Probe project. I think you haven't realized to stabilize your emotions and attitude. So, here's my suggestions to you personally: 

  • Fix you hygiene, hey truth hurts but at least I'm helping you out my unfortunate buddy.
  • Get you preparation done, if you want to get out of the class early
  • STOP being so fucking intense 
  • Try some meditation and/or yoga to control your emotions
  • Don't ever give me that kind of attitude where you're "fed up" because I'm the one who is supposed to be FED UP with your performance.
  • Even if your funny you're really not; you really suck at jokes 
There, now I have noticed you live in West Palm Beach. I actually do profile research and come to find out you're part of FAU Jupiter the Honors? I think you need to chillax because majority of "Honors" "Straight As" "3.5-4.0 GPAs" just simply have issues when it comes down to learning. Not becuase I'm jealous but because they're lunatics and that same goes to you Oscar Rivera. Knock it off. THANK GOD Spring Break is just around the corner. Have a nice life estupido.


 I have to be honest, GOD I have to be damn honest because lying is not a good thing. I hate new technologies and those annoying powerpoints staring at it along with blue light emitting from computer/laptop screens and ipads and whatever. There I said it, in fact writing things such as journals, notes for your class or even writing a letter to your loved ones helps you to remember things. Yet, its sad to say people prefer tying and/or printing. There is nothing wrong with it but it sure made me a lot of faux dementia when it comes to tests or quizzes in my case. I used to to write, it didn't matter if I a lot of things to do because lets face it: its life get used to it and just f---en do it! In some cases its fine to type or print for evidence such as confirmation proof that you've made for an appointment for diagnostic labs and other important things that you need to show in going to Social Security offices and so on. 

 Most of the evenings I listen to John Tesh and I heard it several times that when you write and it can be anything, whether it's poem, how you feel, what your goals are or a personal diary. There are some studies have shown that people who write are faster learners than people who print (maybe that is why I know little things that a lot of classmates miss, hmmm). But at least I'm grateful that I have an ability to not m=only to write but most of the time I actually enjoy writing it in cursive. In fact people who writes cursive are not only write beautifully but they tend to be artistic and can read anything that's in cursive. On John Tesh Website it even improves motor skills too!

 The main reasons why I like to write is: it improves memory, makes you creative whether expressing it or imagination, it helps your mind by taking control and rather depending on smart phones, it actually makes you think smarter. A lot of people tend to forget something that is very important and that's the problem, they don't write, too busy being materialistic and glued to a screen for too long. It doesn't matter if your working out because working out at a gym is simply means you want to be active and stay fit and yes, it does help your brain in physiology case. But and a big BUT even nowadays most of us still write! Even its sloppy handwriting, back in a day we actually had handwriting in the academic curriculum but it no longer exists because in the society we "don't have time for it" and "too busy for academics." That's NOT even an excuse and I truly hate to say this but that's why people can't write diligently because they're too smart writing beautifully. Well, pardon me a--holes and thanks for your moment for not bothering improving your writing and handwriting skills. Since you're too bust getting on straight As (put another s then its a perfect humor from me to you) then I'm too bust to jotting down with my mighty pen and while improving my memory skills. 

 Don't you ever mock the art of writing because you may never know when you really need it and/or some place do require you to actually write and write in cursive. 

From past life as calligrapher,

 So as you may know I have been commenting Funwithlogic because of stupidity and I really enjoy mocking him because he deserves it and to the supporters of Funwithlogic you can Keep Calm and FUCK OFF. First of all, I am in my First Amendment so, before you go on attacking me with your fucked up insults let me say this that you are also a fucked up asshole who support stupid like Funwithlogic. Secondly, someguy827 is a great man with tender heart and he doesn't deserve to be stalked by Funwithlogic who is nothing but a troll and simply pure bastard. KNOCK IT OFF, dumbass what do you know: completely NOTHING. The only thing you know is to get high with your filthy load of shit bong. In fact you are that bong because you are a wimp who can't even show yourself a fucking face. 

 You are nothing but a creep and a lowlife son-of-a-bitch because you got nothing better to do but keep attacking Stevie and us, his supporters. Calling us "grumblings" and "little bitches" is an absurd idiocy of yourself. You're the one with psychotic BITCH and you talk like one, retard. And "your point?" WHAT POINT?! You have no point, I had to in an inflammation of pain to hear your stupidity of your INCOHERENT NONSENSE of your 10 videos referring to Stevie. One of them, the recent one sounded like your a retarded baby came out from Jezebel's womb. You sound awful, in fact maybe you should record yourself and re-listen your cock sucking voice because to me you sound like a mentally ill asshole who needs to go asylum. 

 I had enough but I'm not done what I need to say becaus today has been long day for me. Because people like you exist and unfortunately you can't cure stupid people and thus there is no hope. You have no future, you lack respect for yourself and you don't have any morals. Shut The Fuck Up! It should NOT be Funwithlogic, instead FUCKwithlogic. So go Fuck yourself with a bong asshole. We all do hate you very much.


Dear NYPD Officer Pantaleo & to ALL Officers who supposed to protect and serve citizens NOT TO KILL,

 My heart is broken into pieces permanently and forever until the JUSTICE system finally realizes and wakes up. Do you want to know why my I'm in pain? Its because I'm human, a human that has feelings and real emotions who treats and believes equally as any other  human being. I'm not Black, White or Hispanic but Asian and you know what, it doesn't matter because I'm still human. I breathe like Eric Garner when he was alive until you Mr. Pantaleo put so much force and pressure onto him by slamming on the ground and to other officers who doesn't know when to stop when he cried out "I CAN'T BREATHE, I Can't Breathe, i  can't  breathe..." It'sad really, scary as more than a devil and very disgusting makes me want to throw up every time I see officers out in a public. You know I used to miss real, good and loyal officers back in the day. But now, I can't even trust police officers due to my parents experience like racial profiling all because they're not white and in fact they're Asian, more specifically Japanese. We consider minorities where we live and I and my family friends have to deal constantly with discrimination and bully because what America has become a full of junk, lack of respect and kindness. In fact, it has become a nation of disgrace and not the America that I used to know. 

 You, Daniel Pantaleo are nothing different from Darren Wilson and other white officers who act like three little pigs. You even send condolences to the Garner Family, that's very sincere of you and at the same time I find it hilarious that the wife of Eric Garner refuses your apology. I don't blame her because I can completely understand why; you are alive Eric Garner is dead, you're still getting paid and she has to find other way to feed her family. You're sorry, always will be because you killed him. Did you know you're #1 hated viral on YouTube and there was one video on YouTube where you waved at the camera, how ignorant of you. Waving at the camera as if you did nothing and just did your job like Darren Wilson would say on the last interview. Plus you have a lot of images when people type your name, you do look like a predator pantaLEO. Have you ever take a look at yourself in the mirror? You have a big word printed your forehead visibly and clear: I Love To Abuse My Power whenever I feel its necessary and whenever I feel like it. 

 All because of neighborhood community watch leader George Zimmerman, all because I did my job stated by Darren Wilson and all because I didn't mean no harm to him stated by Daniel Pantaleo. Seriously, What The F---?! Is that all the reason because to shoot more than 3 times at the back of Trayvon Martin walking with a hood on, is that all the reason to shoot 6 bullets at Mike Brown, is that all the reason to do a choke hold when you suspected Eric Garner doing  illegal selling of cigarettes? Why? Because they're all blacks. Its getting really retarded for officers to do racial profiling in this 21st century. If any of you officers disagree with me well that's because you're not black and/or never experienced being a victim in a situation because you're not a minority. So before you tell me I'm absurd then feel free to comment me back and it better have very good damn explanation. I know there are still few who are gentle, professional officers who doesn't abuse powers because they know that's simply a bully thing to do. 

 Just because you have badge, carrying a gun and wear a uniform doesn't make you have a authority to shoot and kill a person. You're supposed to shoot his/her upper and /or lower limbs to keep them immobilized so they don't harm any other people. Don't any officers know how to control and keep calm? I guess not unfortunately, and while protesters are doing it peacefully, officers are still making arrests because they feel like it. Majority of officers are disgusting more than pigs. Nasty, ignorant and love to YELL AT ANY PEOPLE because they have the right to. Stupid.

 I'm a protester crying in pain. I'm a human who stand with other multicultural human beings marching for justice for Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and to many innocent victims killed by police. America of Justice System you embarrass me so much it pisses me off, so much that I want to shout out FUCK YOU! Shame on you to all of grand juries, you embarrass me too. Oh, this is to Congressman Peter King, as a Republican and of course American you are out of your mind, stop making reasons like "Oh Eric Garner died because he was diabetic/asthma complications," seriously, Shut The Fuck Up you know nothing, in facto you're not even a medical examiner, you're just a man sitting his A S S in a luxurious office in New York and keep flapping trying to be all cute. If you're a legally licensed medical examiner then fine, I'll Shut The Fuck Up but otherwise don't change the facts or modify what the Medical Examiner stated in the report because its rude and disrespectful when they are at hard work on figuring and accurately determining on the death of cause. 

 Daniel Pantaleo, to all of officers who are out there and even to the paramedics you guys FAILED of what police and rescue workers are supposed to be. As long justice is not justified, then WE THE PEOPLE who speak of the dead victims will continue protest peacefully, not rioting or creating apocalypse because those who create violence you're not part of it its simple as that. I lost faith in America, the whole damn system makes me want to rethink about my future like moving to another country. I'm done with you America, you have disappointed me greatly. Embarrassment to the whole world.


 Apparently, there are too many damn things going on with Ferguson ans that mean looking Elizabeth Lauten who just resigned and apologized about how she f---ed it up about her criticizing about President Obama's daughters. But I'll get to that next time when I do, in the meantime this is regarding to DJ so called Ready4Rebirth: you're such an idiot and it seems strange for you to be at the top obviously with over mare than 3,000 votes. Seriously, I think YOU ARE the one who is cheating with this DJ Competition. Axiom is my idol that I want him to play because I know he is bluntly speaks out what he strongly believes in and he is very HONEST person that I find rarely in this days because people like you who likes to bluntly accuse him being a cheat makes me wan to speak on behalf of him. So, in other words Shut The F--- Up "It" look alike freak. 

 It seems so that karma is automatic support for Axiom defense while its nasty downside is up to your secrets and whole bunch of lies you like to spread. You actually have over 3,000 fans liked you to vote this competition? I think your a sneaky slug tried your wrong ways of doing to get up to over 3,100 likes is that right? In my harsh honest opinion, your not my type to listen to your poorly worked music. In fact I think you're just like that woman that previously resigned because she wrongly accused Obama's daughters by attacking them without any thinking and just quickly judging them because she's an empty & sad headed jerk as an woman working in politics. You are that perfect analogy example dude, and he is right what you're doing is EXTREMELY sh!tty. If you think I am wrong then act like a real gentleman, work your behind in hard work not cheating and treat yourself respect. 

 I just don't understand people like you, who would do ANYTHING to kick everybody else just to get in that top position by accusing, lying, manipulating and being true bully jerk. That is part of goal to disqualification, and don't even think about "oh, I think you got payed by Axiom to do this" that kind of crap is delusional, got it a--hole? I get payed with respect, honesty and most importantly HARD WORK. Axiom should deserve on that top spot more than you and you know why? At least the numbers shows who has honest votes and with real loyal fans. Axiom is better looking than you, very intelligent than any other people out there and very passionate at what he does. Don't you see, oh yeah you can't see because you're to hairy with that crazy afro covered your eyes so you're blind as DINGBat. Axiom is real gentleman despite his emotions or profanities that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is people like you who has no common sense and lack of understanding attack people like him others for something that can be treated in fairness but instead go assuming he or she is cheating when they are not. 

 So STFU, get a life ready4lies, because you definitely not getting any support form or any of Axiom supporters and others who believe this blog. By the way, I truly, HATE people who just bluntly accuse and nothing but liars. Good Luck at your DJ competition results and your career, Son-Of-A-B----!


 So, here we go again, this "wrong" number calling process. No it's not my first it's many times before and I know there some of you out there who had a similar situations as well. This person or whoever you are with a phone number starts with area code 561 or from West Palm Beach, STOP F---ing contacting me because my nerves is on the edge. Why on earth would you call me more than 5 times at near midnight in this past 3 days? First I ain't a call girl, second midnight is my deep beauty sleep peak and lastly, go screw yourself with your smart a-- phone. Or you're just simply a total nutcase leaving me a voice mail with your incoherent deep voice and the only words that I was able to decode was something about "phone bill." What phone bill? I don't owe you anything, in fact, believe it or not I don't even carry a smart phone or under a contract with any mobile companies. So there you go, if you don't have anything better thing to do then MOVE ON. STOP HARASSING ME. I don't have time people who are jerks like you and other full of crap telemarketers who constantly calling me and others for something that is nothing but sh!t. 

 Knock it off, seriously. 



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