I love to go on shopping spree and I must admit it's hard to save money but what can I say? You've heard Shopping Therapy. One of my favorite malls to go to is Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, FL. It's just fun and there are hundreds of stores to go to, most of them are outlets but who cares. I mean who does not love discounts on Calvin Klein, Guess, H&M, and much more. Sawgrass Mills Mall opened in 1990, as time rolls it has been increasingly hot spot for shoppers locally and internationally. Currently it's ranked 11th in the top 20 malls to visit. Sawgrass Mills Mall is under Simon Property Group Company. Over the years going there once in every month there are news things going on whether if it's new fashion or coming soon stores it really never makes you bored however, it makes me nostalgic because one of my favorite store is closed permanently and I'll surely miss it forever.
   You may heard Sanrio, if you did then you definitely know that iconic kawaii (cute in Japanese) Hello Kitty character. With that typical pink colors, Sanrio O is heartshaped, vibrant Hello Kitty Friends and other Oh My Goodness cuteness do us apart was the main reason the fun for me and to other shoppers as well as Sanrio collectors just smiles before and after visiting in the store. I was very sad and shocked that Sanrio was replaced by a Jewelry company. Although, thanks to the internet or website nowadays you can visit Sanrio.com to shop online. Personally, I love going into the store and purchase with items of hard earned cash or my Credit Card. I don't know why here or there whether in Florida or any other State in the US is closing down rapidly. That smile gotten into straight to slight upside down, wish Sanrio can think before closing it that there are Hello Kitty Die Hard fans who will miss shopping into that young with cuttitude (made that term on my own). Hopefully or maybe in the future Sanrio Companies should reconsider about reopening it again, I mean if you want to have boost in business then why closing it? I guess there are reasonable why the company has do to and that I have to respect and move on.
  So Good-Bye my Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty's friends. It was a great opportunity to have fun moments to shop while you were there. After all you made me realize how lucky I am to be Japanese and it's cultural cute awareness of inventions. I look forward to shop Sanrio or Hallo Kitty store in Japan near future once I decide to start a new chapter to move into my Mother Country which I consider second home. Sayonara! xo


 One of my 2018 resolution is to ignore typical idiots who are mostly 99.9% libtards. Yes, that's right, I and other loyal conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists are fed up with your stink retarded mean talk form you guys. This blog is a specifically to a male with white/grayish hair Canadian snowbird or should I say A Pig Canadian Bacon liberal who purchases and reads NY Post (ironic isn't it) and  little sodas (drink it up hope you get osteoprosis and retardedness to your neurons) fat, tall approximately 5'9" douche. Lives in Lauderdale by the Sea and stays here on cool days of Florida until it's sizzling sexy hot Summer. Anyways, my point is I don't believe all Canadians are evil I've met some good people from Canada and wish they just stayed here. But the majority of you are ignorant bastards and my God your Prime Minister is rookie liberal who praises ISIS!!!! No wonder your mental minds are fucked up, when you come to USA have some respect to the people who represents the true virtue of this great nation of the world. Law and Order is our icon maple people.
 This slob Son Of A Bitch did a great job to piss me off, being angry at something about penny issue then when telling him about to calm down or chill out his personality which by the way you can't change people's personality then he spatts at me saying that's "My problem, you don't tell me what to do." Walks out, very nice and very rude of you Mr. Piggy, I'm pretty sure my company doesn't want to have a store in your nation. But Hey, at least you have Walmart (similar prefix but different company). This is other race, gender, and/or other beliefs of human beings: Japanese people not including half or quarter or hafu or other reason I clearly point out Pure-Blooded Japanese are very sensitive but superior beings when it comes to the definition of resilience. Look at the Hiroshima & Nagasaki aftermath recovery for example it's truly honorable to be born as Japanese in this United States of America and now both countries are allies for over 70 freaking amazing years and not to beyond. And YOU Mr. Canadian Bacon Fat Ass did splendid job to piss me off and from now on I'm going to pretend you don't exist customer.
  So the next you come in and say hi I'll say nothing and continue to say nothing until you violently attack me verbally, physically and etc. That's my power to resit idiots like you and you don't want pennies I understand that Canada don't have penny or copper coins. Don't "Good girl" me and I have a name, I don't appreciate for vulgar raunchy liberals to cat calling me or other women. This goes to other Canadians who gives us Canadians coins, please clean out and organize your wallet and keep Canadian money in Fucking Canada. Now, do I sound Anti-Canadian great because so far the Canadians that I've encountered are very annoying like I want to shoot every freaking Maple leaves out there. It's funny people who assume that I talk "Canadian" I am NOT a fucking Canadian so assume all you like I hope Santa Claus gives you Hearing Rx next year or simply get your ear wax cleaned out. 
  Dearest God Home of the Brave and Free, I'm proud to be Flesh & Blood Japanese Born and Raised in USA a proud Floridian gal. Hate me all you want because I'm smiling every day and I don't give a flying fuck about your boo hoo that racist cry cray cray moment. Your sisbling French Canadians are DA WORST!!! 
  Again therapy and repeat not all Canadians are like that there are good people out everywhere but lets admit it Japanese people are proud Homo Sapiens by GOD. Amen! Hail to Pure-Blooded humans!

2018 my love here we come,

Hey Scott!

It was fucking disgusting to meet you at a pharmacy store in Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida. The enext you come in don't be a fucking dick to butt into employees conversation. First of all, customers are customers and even you are a customer service consultant it really don't mean a damn fucking shit. Do you understand and what's interesting is that you even admitted to saying "oh I don't mean to so and so blah blah." Well you know what Fat Ass 5'3 I can easily physically whoop your fat ass so hard you'll probably learn to really to Shut The Fuck Up for a while. Your opinions my dear don't mean a damn shit for what you do. I mean let me ask you this my dear pig, did you ever worked as a customer service associate? If the answer is No then Shut your cholesterol packed brain mouth of yours into mute of heart arrest. If Yes, then I guess you hated to work and wanted to move up your career status higher so you can fatten your luxurious time on Florida or wherever the fuck your going with your two female bitches because you just insecure of your physical white ass status of yours. I wish I could've giving you the wrong direction of laundry detergent you mother fucker idiot son of a bitch.

Also, I think it's "unprofessional" of you to butt into people's conversation business. You're nothing, you're one of those who needs to speak up with your stupid unintelligent mouth of yours to think it's unprofessional. I know how to be professional and let me tell you something sweetie you may have shut me up but I'll still do it with or with out customers. But I don't need to shut up why? Is it because I'm Asian, you white dick male democrat asshole can die with very High LDL count for I care. The next time I see you I'll refuse to service your presence. Hate your fake gold jewelry what are trying to be a show off fake ass millionaire? I guess not and by the way your breath stank too much of shit food while blobbing up huh kiddo.

Go ahead and complain to the corporate because as far as I know my frequent platinum customers even said it's not even polite for what you did. So there, I treat the way the people wants to be treated and deserved. I'm pretty sure you're Anti-Trump because Republicans are very wise and they just don't go butt or fuck into people's conversations and/or spaces. Learn how to be professional on your outside of your duty job. You and other disgusting ill-mannered customers think it's your business to into people's spaces or conversation, it's disgusting. Don't you ever come back to the store again my dear poor fat ass son of a bitch oh I'm Customer Service Consultant. Because even if I was I wouldn't even say such a thing to anybody while I'm shopping or waiting in line. That;s because I'm pure 100% JAPANESE proud born AND raised in this United States of America. Atl least I'm real American and act like a platinum classy one honey. Scott it was displeasure encountering with you and by the way you should drink just regular beer instead of Dasani Sparkling water to ENSURE your fat ass beer belly.

Oh what a joy to see your ugly puggie face. So Shut The Fuck Up next time or Chucky is going to lamb chop your big lousy mouth. Because at the end you are NOT my fucking boss, understand bacon. I hope somebody punches your stinky teeth out for a karma wish. Have a nice beach bitch life.


  As a business Rock N Roll worker, I know how customers can be appreciated by their business or unfortunately when the buyers are stripped away of respect and understanding can be not appreciated by their business in employee or retailer's workers point of view. Nowadays is terrible people try to scam you, taunt you or trigger your emotions because they're just doing their entertainment just to piss hard working and respectable employees are. I hate to say but it's the truth and sad it will never be the good old days where in general customers and employees no matter which side you are in they'll be verbal fights and if worse physical attacks. As a conservative and proud supporter of our 45th President of United States Donald J. Trump you don't mess or I would like to even more upgrade to "fuck" over employees that are stated in professional tone not in rude way. I would expect Germans are quite well-educated (advanced in medicines and oh yes first invented in X-rays and such) equates to well-mannered and very friendly but I was wrong they are sure dark past former divided nation of East and West Germany, Birth of Nazis and in present out run the Immigration to Multicultural abomination to German Identity. I'm just glad my Japanese lineage is well stable AND will be stable by preventing these Immigration disasters for the future kind.

  Putting all complications of politic beliefs on the side, I want to send out a message to a particular couple a tourists from Germany who I witnessed and was disgusted by their "opinionated" because of notice from an employee sincerely telling them that he store is going to be closed. First of all keep in mind that not all Walgreens or also known as a Pharmacy store and "Corner of Happy and Healthy" is not 24 hours. Secondly I find it surprising that most people and it not just old or even young but don't realize or see that certain Walgreens will have a sign of 24 hours or not. I mean where do people look or better yet are they blind to keep up in alert vision. It really shakes my mind in disbelief people don't pay attention to basic and important details, why do you think we have a brain anyways. I'll tell those two German couple and an African Lady something, the next time you shop in Walgreens that is not 24 hours well y'all better get used to it and don't ever shop there again in Lauderdale By The Sea for your "opinionated RUDENESS" towards Customer Associate who was just telling you the store is going to be closed.

  Rude, it's rude to tell a customer to GET OUT for no reasonable outburst. The employee just simply said to  the three of you that the store will be closing because it's after 2 minutes of 12am. The Lauderdale By The Sea Walgreens opens from 8am to 12am, seven days a week including Holidays. Tell me where is rude to be told by a customer associate that telling a customer the store will be closing in a few minutes is rude? You three makes me wan to go HUH? I never heard that part is rude, this why Germany makes me want to say negative things about your past but also how RUDE of you both to say at a hard working girl who just said the fact of store business hours. Not even one part she said rude, and to the black lady who came in and told by the same fake, rude, we're going to be closed in a few minutes to get a toothbrush and paste where have on earth have you been that late to get your dental hygiene shopping. I think it's RUDE to shop around after closing time whether you know it or not. It's absolutely RUDE to jump in verbally when you think you're entitled to say so because you are customer/tourist. Have a RESPECT to the country you visit and lower down your freedom of speech because why you still want to shop around Walgreens and all of sudden you got your feeling hurt? Bullshit, and because of your flawed characteristics of your Germanic heritage I will never want to go Germany, you just lost your tourist customer Germany because of this imbecile 6'2 balded man with his female blonde pixie cut bitch taunting an American worker. 

  I would not known German people are SO RUDE, nasty and SO Opinionated Outspoken deutsch idiots. Racist to them, I've mat nice, well-behaved German tourist customers but not like this fucking RUDE couple with their deutsch accent English conversation. Kudos to that employee who told them to keep their opinion to themselves because that is the truth. People like this couple create fights a sick diseased one. We Americans the decent ones don't appreciate your presence surely the Walgreens in Lauderdale By The Sea where it is pure and pleasant don't like your Hail hitler stinkies. YOu both can go FUCK with other hard working Americans especially the Trump Supporters, you both are messing the wrong girl. At least she is a proud JAPANESE worker born and raised flawless bilingual Goddess more than you longer years than her youth. You both are mentally ill human beings, I don't believe Germans are like that but for the most part I HATE Germans like them. Too much Beer and sausage? Get some Omega 3s Sushi and Green Tea to get your RUDE opinionated calm down while you're splurge rage vacay stay. You are SO stupid and just showed the true Germanic nationality of your'e hideous verbal attack on that employee. 

  This is why, why Ican't stand people like them and black racist idiots. It's okay for me to say this because you both don't know what that employee had to go through and dealt with. FUCK you, and if I ever see you all I'll let that girl to know not to serve you both and to that volunteered that is RUDE Black lady bitch to serve you. YOu don't even deserve to shop Walgreens nor come back USA or and JAPAN. Japanese don't like hypocrites and much more stronger than Germanic idiots. Kind of reminds me Heidi Klum SO ambitious but a show off empy brains Supermodel ADHD. BYE sore RUDE losers.

   There is a saying that no matter what your status is or how rich or poor you are you'll end up in a grave when your time comes. A grave that every one of us no matter who we are or what we did we will end up in a tomb with messages and showered with bright beautiful flowers. That's a fact, this is an answer to a man of three who came the last to over closing time where I work at a retail store. A time that was supposed to be closed but since these rich, spoiled oh and yes, one of them stated that he was a CEO of an entrepreneur. Since I have strength in curiousity as the famous Alice (one of my favorite character of Disney) I did a google research. Ah! I met a famous African-American dude and he was a contestant of The Apprentice. Randal Pinkett and yes he has an degree level of Ph.D so I should call him Dr. but I the right not to. And let's not get into this twisted statements of "Republicans are racist or KKK" shenanigans. As a political enthusiast, proud nationalist and believer in Alt-Right yes, I'm proud of who I am and huge supporter of my President Donald J. Trump. Let's admit it, deplorables perfectly rhymes with adorables does snowflakes rhymes with resistance? Nah, didn't think so. 

  What's really interesting is that Randal Pinkett is CEO and there is a good reason for that. He started making money by selling lemonade and even selling his toys to make money. A money to start a business with entrepreneurship spirit. That's not a bad thing that's a good, hungry passion to make companies starting in right marketing direction and that's the only thing I will respect him. However, I will not respect on how acted on that late at night treated hard-working and exhausted employee. The company that I work for is generally a Pharmacy store, supposedly 24 hour but some same stores don't open 24 hours. Customers needs to keep in mind and pay attention at the front of outside store so that they can see the store hours. But I assume no a lot of people have common sense in these days and they prefer someone do the spoon feeding process everywhere they go and/or do. Which is pity, and it goes to show how embarrassment it is that we have these people or like him shows who most democrats are, mentally-ill, unstable imbeciles and full of lies with a hint of racism or discrimination tantrums.

  I'm a proud Ex-Democrat Reborn as a strong Republican believer and will always will be and never going back EVER. Randal Pinkett, a liar and evil power of threatening a young girl heavy on her shoulders who not only lives her parents but takes care of them for two reasons. Both parents are retired and one of her parents have a medical condition of Interstitial Cystitis or I.C. (if you don't know Google it, that's your homework) and the other Type 1 Diabetes. Even though the employee should have been nicer to them, they should've respected the employees by having them on hold and should have gotten out immediately with their purchase. I'm a strong believer in customer is always right but they are not always right and whether you agree or disagree or hate me because of my political view and Trump Supporter well, my audience you entitled to what you the want to believe but verbally provoking and violence is definitely not part of Amendment 1 nor part of USA Constitution. Period. 

  About a week later, the rich spoiled rented Mercedes-Benz trios not so gentlemen sent out a complaint on that girl. She was warned by two of the store managers that if this happens again then she will be terminated. Poor girl, and the main smug CEO even threatened by getting attorney because of that. For what? Rich black guy that has never matured or been classy like President Trump & Vice President Mike Pence. And even making up stories about President being racist, he's not a racist my dear but I know you are and the rest liberal fans of Muslim terror threatening Europeans and White humans because what happened in the past. Get over it and stop antagonizing her because of her gender & race. 

  Just because your CEO and a customer, you're entitled nothing. You never learned nothing. You never learned to be classy. You never learned kindness. You never learned how to be humble. Most importantly you never learned to be respectful to yourself. You never learned how to be compassionate and you never learned blood, sweat, tears to be a real customer from bottom to top. What do you know customer service NOTHING. Absolutely nothing, especially like democrats like you who do you think you are drinking a beverage without paying first then never pays it. It shows A LOT of who you are, you're nothing but a thug of spoiled rich brat never learned any hunger or how to be stone like a steel. Donald J. Trump Jr. got more class than your success. Eric Trump has a lot more compassion who are going through chronic children in need by his Eric Trump Foundation. You probably never took care of your parents but yourself. You're not a real example of CEO or in entrepreneur. I have a family who is CEO and a real hustler for an age of 70 over and he is deepest compassionate respected man. My grandfather was a honorable Imperial Guardian Soldier of Japan. 

  What I know about customer service is to be professional, polite more than your soul ever could be. You not only lost my respect but sooner or later I hope your company goes sour to disaster. You've got a long way to learn and reflect on your behavior with your buddy and some other middle eastern dude. How dare you get all hyped up when you know there was announcement that the store is about to be closed. You maybe shopping but those people are working with all their waking strength left. Very nasty and toxic for a CEO. The manager even stated that you and your gang was a total jerk. I can completely understand that because it reminds me the rich liberals think they can rape Conservatives making accusations of lies. Obamacare is one clear example that is going to kill Americans. I regret voting One Big Ass Mistake America. At least Aaron Genus is a true patriot African-American that I will respect and be friends with. Call me racist and bigot, it ain't going to finch me one bit honey. Work on your behavior and how you talk to people. So damn glad President Trump is my President. DOn't like hi go back to your ancestry of West Africa where you should belong. 


  It's common sense that it may be not professional to ventilate your anger about your work dealing with customers or more specifically the ignorant customers that got no class. Well, I may have mentioned in the past, I really don't give a damn shit because in reality people or depending where you live the society has become VERY nasty and absurd that I sometimes think I was born in a wrong era. This is who I am and I have every right to stand on what I believe in or put myself on clear blue skies than these two particular female customers that is nothing different from those crazy Feminism assholes or part of the liberals. I work as a customer service in a store by the beach which we do have customers wearing swim wear, wish they can cover up a little more but nothing wrong with that the point is it's very stupid to burst out an anger at an employee because these ladies got no "patience." Well, Boo Hoo you both acted like a immature 5 year old who never taught you that " Patience is a virtue."

  At times here in South Florida during the Summer or Tropical season, we will get very strong rain and thunderstorms or even it's not harsh we will get blackouts in a nano seconds. Which means and unfortunately, our register will go out and we have to reboot our systems which will then take few minutes to get back on. I can understand the frustration for these two female customers but how they talked to my co-worker and me was out of a line or simply ignorant bitches lashes out verbally with  a classic BITCH behavior. This is the main reason customers are NOT always right or entitled to verbally disrespect with impatience. I mean what's the anger? You both wore a swim wear and I'm pretty damn sure on a vacation you shouldn't be mad at all. Don't even start or give me an excuse of well, it's my time of the month or 28 days cycle bitchy season. That's not even a reason, I am a woman of myself. I guess you both ladies don't know how to control your emotions and how you need to behave at certain place and time. Even pitbulls or chihuahuas can be well-behaved, do you know why? That's because their owners are very well-educated which means mannerisms flourish. 

   It's sad when we in general customer's service employees are working hard with patience to help out customers &/or patients in need of care in a pharmacy company. Yet, you both freak out because the rewards system is shut down then my co-worker did a right thing to call manager to help out then you both throws tantrums like that fat Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter that you have no patience?! I'm seriously find that very hilarious and stupid at the same time then you both come to my counter while it was rebooting and since I was in the photo department you both BITCH at me stated that every register is down in demand tone. Well, I sincerely or we apologized about the situation but what the fuck do you want me to do? Fuck out like a fairy or mermaid and cast miracle right now? You both got A LOT of issues for a beach day wear. One of you talked to me like I was your slave servant, well guess what old hag bitch, I could careless and whoever your partner was which by the way she was gorgeous slut looking babe. And thus ladies & gentlemen if customers has a right then so does employees. One of those right is to smile, walk away in excuse poise and don't give a fuck. 

  Then finally when my manager who can be anal at times did the magic of giving you both the reward override you both changed in nice good girls miracle!!! Wow, what the fuck. I hope you both and the rest of assholes out there don't ever come back. People like these two and others out there are a toxic. And because of both of them my frequent loyal customers were very weary and was concerned for themselves because of there savage behavior. It's not professional or right to bring politics in business but the truth is: Liberals are the most hideous assholes on the planet. God Bless President Trump and I'm proud to be RIGHT conservative or Alt-Right babe. Y'all who throws tantrums and shit should die with ObamaCare. Good - BYE! 


Dearest imbecile customer,

  You must be so distraught of your life and never learned to be classy let alone had respected to yourself. I have a good memory and unfortunately to you and other rude customers which in my opinion when it comes to business mannerisms, you don't deserve my respect nor my service to you. It just goes to show how people in these days and I really hate to say but I don't regret to state it, the liberals or I love to say Leftards or Libtards are really shit human beings. You my dear, probably has a I.Q. of 10 when it comes to listening. Since you were a customer that asked me where is laundry detergent was, I gave you directions where EXACTLY it was by saying it aisle #24.

  It was fucking hilarious when you said to me: "There is no aisle 24." Lots of emojis of LOLs, you sure are one heck of stupid elderly guy. Seriously, get your senses together and don't ever bother me for my help. But when I had to answer the call and I politely asked you to wait, you had one retarded nerve to say: "Thanks for your help for NOTHING." Well, my apologies did you want me to fuck with you? Or emotionally hold your dirty hand? You need some verbal social & psychological help on the way you talk in public. My co-worker volunteered to help you because she heard what you said to me and she even admitted it was so stupid & funny. You see folks this is an example that there is certain time and place that you are being watched and recorded by security camera on how you treat employees &/or customers in public eye.

 I felt so bad for two kids who were purchasing a toys and candy. And this same old dude, standing behind and waited for them to go while I checked them out. At the same time I don't even know why you stood there. For what? Another annoyance of your emotional attention? Get a grip, I hope you don't come back to our store. The next time you do I have my rights on not to serve you AND help you. You really have bad taste on elegance. I prefer a man who has mannerisms and class than your demanding diaper tantrums. Even those boys got more heck of billions of mannerisms and respect than you do.

  Like I said before, I don't tolerate retarded and disrespectful customers. Lets not forget that we have loyal BSO customers and truly grateful for what they do and the most sincere & compassionate people who willing to take their own lives to protect & serve the community. Lastly, I don't do favors people like you or their moron behavior in all ages. That is why you are nothing! Wish you were the replacement of that innocent Otto Warmbier. People like you who are ill-mannered don't deserve to exist. 



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