I am going to be honest, it's pretty damn nice but strange that someone has viewed your profile. Specifically on professional social networking called LinkedIn and viewed more than once by your professor. It began around last year of November, LinkedIn made a notification system to let users be aware who viewed their profile. I don't always check or login every time like other social medias well, maybe for Twitter. It's really weird because I signed up for LinkedIn because of my dearly beloved friend Rene who I haven't heard from him since last time I saw and contacted. I won't state his him because I don't want to cause any trouble or make him lose his job because he doesn't deserve that but instead respect. However, I do have questions for him of why? Why me? There isn't nothing special about me, so why did you viewed my profile?

 Dear Dr. Physics of Owl Mascot University,

 Why made you look into my profile?

 Is it the recent email that I've sent you?

 Before the semester begin, is it because one of your connections?

 You driving me insane but I guess that's what one of characteristic of physicist.

 Thanks, now I can't sleep well until the finals are over & I passed your course, I will send you an email about these questions. I would like to know why with of course, responding back. Even if you're busy.


 There are beautiful babes out there and I'm sure that at least 10% or even more on cosmetic work on their "think" sexy bum bodies. I can just imagine a stereotypical rich bitch. With RayBan sunglasses, acting classy but really nothing but sassy, wearing super high heels that makes their ankle CRACK! Lets not forget the Louis Vuitton bag (a fake.) While walking down by Einstein Bros Bagel at the Fort Laudy busiest Coral Ridge Mall. As I walk down with my Mother to Galaxy Pizza, there was a couple eating bagels. And this Blonde who gave me a "dirty look." Wish I had her name but then why should I have to waste talking to these mean ass beautified girls. I mean they're waste of every cells while they exist in this place called Earth. I don't know why that bitch gave me a dirty look but she sure is poor educated asshole who needs to become a pooch than human. But then again, animals are very kind living beings, at least they have feelings and respect. 

 Then I see these couples at Tarjay (Target.) They don't know how to shop, I mean it's not "Lets set up Beach Scene!" So I gave her a WTF/Dirty look, then shes says something. I know it was something about me even her ugly ass boy toy friend was all smirks and smiles. Well, those two are nothing to me, they are simple ingredients of HYPOCRITES. And pretty much every young, cute, couples with no intelligence and elegance as well as very malnourished education these people have are funny as hell to the bone full load of hypocrites! 

Thank-you for making me feel smart ass classy feline. Your sarcasm, dirty looks, rolling your big blue eyes means NOTHING TO ME dingbats. Do yourselves a favor, karma is a bitch. I hope you get what you deserve, don't bother to live long, you're not worth of living existence.


 How is everyone or should I say how is everybody feeling in these days? Personally, I feel fine. No I really I am fine, I just hate these so called "minimum requirements," then "No GPA restrictions," and then what? Everybody is welcome to join because they're aren't many people taking the Basic Clinical Skills. I find it hideous that these administrators are just focusing on Grade Point Average as status of smarty ass thing for medical preparation. Sure, I can't disagree about the minimum requirements. I mean its proving you studied very hard to work your way up. But to join in Phi Delta Epsilon, you have to have at least 3.2 of GPA? Bull, I feel bad for people who has at least 3.0 but they can't join it because it has to be 3.2 or higher. Only .2 points away, seriously I may sound sarcastic but you know what if I had more than 3.2 I don't want to bother being in your Geek Club anyways. 

 Why bother to stress out about minimum requirements especially if anybody is majoring in science major courses? Just Do It, as Nike company says. Just try your best and prove the acadoomed academic peoples that it's not about numbers. Numbers are like looks in my own words. Experience and thinking skills comes in handy smarty ass society know it alls. Along with physical abilities, your creativity, your expressions of your art perfection. I think that's sexy, the new sexy is not about looks or how many chanel shoes you have or if you own a Lexus. All of those are just materialistic shits to show off everybody that's around you. You want to become a Pre-Med for money, sorry wrong major go for mafia recruitment or become filthy rich pig CEO. Doctors, are all about understanding about patients background and helping them through healing journey. If you can't control your patience then work on meditation for at least 10 years of how to Keep Calm and Carry On without an attitude. If you like to be a stuck-up asshole then don't even bother to become a Doctor. Doctors are failures to begin with, then the become strong as a steel. I'd rather have a Doctor who failed MCAT at least twice to treat than a Doctor who never failed n their life.

 Generally, I hate these itty bitty academic policies, it's too bitchy and annoying like a mosquitoes. But don't get me wrong, I love to learn, education is part of my soul. Along with speaking, reading and writing in another language. The power is not about money, grades, or your status; it's education, respect, honor and kindness. iphones, ipads are annoying piece of crap that people can't let go kind of drug addiction. Don't start with me of "Look what I have!" I'll tell you one thing: "Look what I have, no wait, you can't see it because its all in my mind." Fuckers.


 Like always and forever hate me all you want because your tantrums don't solve anything especially if you want quiet place. This goes to all of owl students at the Wimberly Library at FAU, if you want silence, GO TO THE THIRD FLOOR or reserve a study room! I don't care of what you guys and bitches think, second floor are allowed whispers, and if YOU my dear boy, today who sighed like as if you were fed up my or our conversations. Well, hate to break it to ya but it's your problem NOT ours. Lets be clear on this, either some of you are so lazy can't get your young ass up on third floor but want to stay on second floor, then deal with it. As least you can be grateful that you are in building with A/C, full and plenty of resources of information for your study or research, and Dunkin Donuts. So, stop being a filthy rude spoiled assholes, I had probably 2-3 people telling us to keep it down. Well I think you need tell that to the group of people in front of the elevator section of the Wimbush wing area. Seriously, I am fed up people telling what to do when we aren't talking on the microphones. I can be a bitch, but my morals are way 1,000 times more stable than your ignorant selfish trigger sayings from your unhealthy patience.

 Going back to the douche bag son-of-a-bitch, grow up along with your testosterone of yours. Maybe you need to work some of your patience and how to control by ignoring. Like meditation, oh but wait, you don't know what meditation is or how to get started. I could give you some a thing or two but nah, you don't deserve my kindness and my patience. I hate people like you who just explode into anger, anger that you can keep it to yourself. I would be surprised if you were a samurai in past life. If you were, then you probably failed as a samurai and a fucked up one. I am a girl who is full blooded running my rising sun in my beautiful veins, plus I am an American. Keep your big baby tantrums to your side, and remember when people give an attitude, they're messing with the wrong person, and God is watching you, your actions, EVERYTHING.

 Next time do yourself a favor eat plenty of junk shit crap, You Are What You Eat. You're made of shit load full of problems, nuff said. Most of you, have no future because lack of kindness and disrespect. I am proud of everything I do and that is standing for I what I believe in and SPEAK OUT in my OWN OPINION and how I really think about the society in these days. 

Peace out, or you can BLACK OUT.

From my eyes rolling at the other side of seating area,

White Guy, Blue Dull Eye, Baldy Got No Hair Son of a Bitch Moron with a goatee feature,

 You know who I'm talking about on that early morning at around 6:30 a.m. in Boca Raton on Dixie Hwy and Camino Real. Blinking UNPURPOSELY bLiNkInG the fucking shiny ass beamers of your big fat ass and very ugly Ford pick truck of yours. If you think I drive like a retard, like you as an example nahhhh, douche bag. Let me say first that you are one of those hard working white negative boy who has a nerve to take your problems and tail gate my rear end of my baby vehicle. Well, I wish I had a "BACK OFF!" telekinesis and flip your entire truck throw it into the deep thermal Atlantic Ocean. Cruel as I'm explaining this which by the way I seriously don't give a holy damn fuck, you and other ill-educated bastards have absolutely NO RIGHT TO PISS ME OFF and other platinum safety drivers out there. Especially, people like me who loves to fuck with my positive vibe every day. Anyone you baldy old guy, YOU are the one who has an issue of driving. I don't care what you said in your gibberish shit English comments when you got in the right lane of my passenger side. The fact is you didn't make any sense, go back to your scrotum in a fetal position. 

 Damn, wish I could tag along right behind your shitty as Ford but why should I. I'm a FAU student chic who is majoring in Pre-med, and at the same time I hate wasting my time and same air with people like you who can't control their own problems. You were late to work, don't care you should have woke up early. You were in a hurry to go public stop, then go to see a Urologist maybe he/she will fix your pee problems. Whatever your reason to push me like that is your embarrassment for your mature age, you're immature sperm who didn't get enough nutrition of mannerisms. 

 Since you have that pretty typical white people blue eyes of yours, and blinking your super blind ass beamers of yours. Thank-you, in return, you are prone to get a cataracts by: heredity, old age and in most cases the light colors of your iris in your eyes. I hope you get cataracts and with karma killing you someday. This is my honest feeling to you and other idiots that have a bravery of stupidness to mess with and my family & friends; if you are in hurt or in the hospital and someday in the future, I will not care, help and treat you under my right. You and other rude ugly humans are the very < 0.001% of my final end list to treat and diagnose. So, I hope you enjoy my outrageous message of how I really feel about you. 

 Lastly, you can speed your vehicle till your fatal result. Then probably (or possibly not) you'll understand your actions are very wrong and if you do apologize, no need; you can take your fake sincere sorry and shove it into your stupid dick of yours. 

 La Viva to all doomed assholes! Have a ungrateful days.

Hate me all you want, I don't feel nothing from bastards like you Mr. Baldy Thatcher Karsten look alike.


Beige, ugly, GMC Yukon vehicle honks at the intersection of Glades Rd and US1.
A typical Floridian tag F47 30W Palm Beach.
Not Beach, more like Bitch is suitable for you hon.
You're smirk right before you got front of me was the ugliest.
Are you a Mother? Going FAU, huh, Good Luck with your life.
Such a very bad influence on your offspring.

DON'T, YOU, EVER, HONK at me again.
Because if you do, as well as other ignorant assholes like you will be sorry.
Sorry for your own stupid actions.
When my safety is my first priority than your hurry to, whatever your destination is.
I don't give a shit, that is why I so damn proud to be a safe driver with clean record.
I hope one day, someone honks at you.
Then you know how it feels to be really annoyed by bunch of retards like you.
You with your fake fancy shades of yours.
Go back and stay in the filthy, ill-mannered rich community in Palm "Bitches."

If you think this is a threat, You're the one who pushed my edge, jerk.
It's really sad, how bunch of lunatics can't even have patience.
Maybe you should over medicate the prescription of Chillax.
Or probably, over dose more stupidity.

You, of course, know nothing about me.
But let me tell something, I have over 1,000 times patience to you and other idiots.
I still keep my cool while I give my trademark of cold, dirty stare into individual's souls.
Of course I really get turned on when I switch on my super bitch ego side.
Hate is too strong and negative to say but I can't help my self.
I hate every single, individual, lunatics drivers young or old who don't have manners.
I hate you, your dirty car, your cocky attitude.
I hate every pico cells of your body, lady.

And to all of urban drivers, or people still text and drive.
I hop you all get into accidents or die for that matter.
Don't even bother tail gate me, fuckers.
Your High Beams are your future cataracts gift from your soul.
Have a nice and fucked up life.
Majority of you well deserve it.

R.I.P. poopy heads.

P.S. Rot in hell as in bonus.

 So, it's that time of the year, the week of Spring Break. Some of you maybe going somewhere, some of you maybe still at work or the usual routine but for me, it's spring clean, out with the old and in with the new. I haven't actually cleaned out so much just here and there. Even if I want to go the paradise islands, I'd whether chill at home safe and sound while organizing my crap. Digital Detox, because I am fed up with these apps, other melodaramatic attention on the Instagram, and other social media buzz that I see. Pretty sad world we live in, but on the other hand I love to see third world counties bright hopeful smiles that someday they won't be like the filthy rich West Palm Beach Trump wannabes or SoFlo tanning bum chicks with fake Louis Vuitton walking like "I am so like... fucked up." 

 Spring time is my favorite time of the year. Everything is so fresh, new and innocent. Those light cute pastel colors flows into my mind reminding me that back in the day, you would cuddle an adorable bunny or feed the baby ducklings. The Spring version now is in tight ass bikinis most of them with "boob jobs" done or with brazillian ass lift. My spring version is too relax, do one by one on catching up on things. There is no need to go extreme, why can't people be just be themselves. Stop rivaling against celebrities, they don't last forever but you, yourself will do. Spring is the new beginning, start something simple that lasts forever not disaster.

Take care and have a wonderful & safe Spring Break,


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