To the patient Gary Miller who goes at the R. Grp. of Florida,

   Thanks for your sarcasm by my inexperienced and hired by a ophthalmologist who saved my Dad's sight. You are an old, hypocrite and a fat ass jerk. From now on, I'll make you wish come true because of your lack of respect. You may be a patient but I'm in a process of becoming a future doctor while working hard as a Technician. I don't need your stupid shit attitude and think like I need to be discouraged because I just trained about two weeks and trying my best to master everything that I need to work and will do as a C.O.A. So you and your wife can go fuck other people by continuing your ignorance. I also told to a patient before you because she seemed to "worry" because I was new. Experience comes from mistakes and from nothing, zilch, zero and work from scratch. What kind of experience do you have, Huh?

  This same goes to out idiots who happened to be patients whether you're seeing a ophthalmologist or other specialists: have some dignity and STFU. You may be old and retired but we young, and hungry people are striving to work hard, play hard and study hard. I bet when you started a career or beginning your first job you had no fucking idead on what to do but survived somehow. Well, I'm in that position too. BIG DEAL, it's fucking stupid to criticize another people because they are new and quickly judge because they seem the lack of performance. It's not because they're stupid and/or slacking, they're doing the best as they can to master the art in Tender. Love. Care. (T.L.C.)

   Like before I'm very DAMN Brutally Honest beautiful bitch. So, Gary "fucked up" Miller, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU FUCKING OLD POTTY IGNORANT GERM SON OF A BITCH. You and other stupid patients got a nerve to degrade other technicians and act all pretty in front of Doctors. We don't play games, I'm sure you have taken an eye pressure before and you sure don't know how to calm and relax. Fluttering your lids like you're flirting other people. Oh, yes, I did hear you talking about me you fucking white trash. So, make a note to the front people that you don't want an Asian tech to care, prepare for you before Doctor. Because the hell I don't want to see you again.

Have a unhealthy life,

Dear Mrs. initials of S.F. Japanese Teacher,

   Since you know English then I might as well bash you every inch what I really think about you. First, I hate you with passion because I know very well in my gut of soul, you are a sociopath Mother Fucker who is sad idiot. I cannot believe a Mother of two, one of them who has a borderline of Autism and calling him a "retard" in public. Thank God for your damn sake, you said it in Japanese because if I translated it in English, dude your ass will be viral fire. Then recently, you adopt a Border Collie Breed Dog and made a statement wishing it was dead soon. Wow, that is very heartless and fucking messed up to say out of your insanity potty mouth. Seriously, Mrs. S.F. What The Fuck is your problem? Most importantly, I don't ever think this way but why do you, or people like you exist? The only thing I will say and will say it again, karma is available 24/7. The thought of you makes me want to throw up so much I want to file a lawsuit against you for verbal insanity. 

   You are a fucking a racist too. You even have a nerve to mock and ridicule my best friend who is half African-American & half Japanese. Not only that, you don't have compassion of what you do in this life and be negative mouth fucker flapper because you think you're entitled to BITCH at anyone. You don't have love, you only have hatred. Also, as Japanese breed myself not only I'm embarrassed but at the same time you're a disgrace as Japanese and as a teacher. Dear God I hope someone hits your physical portion by your ignorant actions. You are the one who is retarded not your child. Someday, I bet your child don't want to deal with you anymore. You're sick asshole bitch.


   The one thing that really annoys me nowadays are these calls from a bunch of garbage telemarketers got nothing better to do but to call at least 4-6 times per day. Sure idiots are annoying but when they now I am not in the mood or give them dead glare look, at least they know to shut the hell up. Recently, I'm getting calls and always have my answer machine on because they are just nothing but scammers scums of the earth. It's funny that they stand there for about 2 and a half seconds and hangs up then calls back within 15 minutes. So here is an very easy not so hard advice: then DON'T FUCKING CALL! What is it with you telemarketers harassers? It may be your unfortunate job but don't expect us to talk to you as if we somehow interested in your whatever the fuck you represent. I don't have time for idiots like you, I don't have time to do favors just because you don't know on how to suck it up and take responsibility, I don't have a time for being a victim. I don't tolerate it at all so, get lost and at least I'm knowledgeable on how to file & report a complaint to the FTC government. Think I'm stupid and weak, well think again.

  Idiots like your calling company are exaggerating for the MONEY. If you want to make a money so damn bad because you want this & that or going in toilet drain of payment bills then get a real fucking job. If you have a nerve to leisurely talk over a phone then work at a hotline to help and assist people who are in need. I am seriously, I would refuse to work at telemarketing company because it's not about for the money; to me it's meaningless and a waste of time in your life. Scammers are sure in the demand to fool people but at the same time they are stupid and think nothing is going to happen to them. Well guess what, people have rights, rights to fight back because of injustice so, I'm telling you if you work of what I'm talking about then have courage of change of heart and go search for a real job that you will be satisfied with. Telemarketers are not real any longer. Sorry, this is reality.

  Hello, nice talking to you but you are really wasting my time, GOOD-BYE!


   Really America? You see, this is why America never learns. Never learns from history and to respect by preventing history repeating itself. Unfortunately, for most remember, most I didn't say or state ALL; Americans are too stupid and over react because of their patriotic victory USA vs Japan, 5-2. First of all, Congratulations to the USA Womens Soccer Team you did fantastic; to Nadeshiko Japan you did your best and you should be very proud on where you stand on. Now, for the morons who got on nerve to taunt Japan because of their lose of the game. You are a disgrace and an embarrassment of your country. You should be very ashamed to joke about the innocent lives of Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was a soccer game, idiots. It has nothing, NOTHING to do with WWII. Seriously, a bunch of retards and racists like you can't change because you don't have compassion. Also, lack of respect and morals not only to others but sadly to yourself.

   Why am I offended by this? That is because I'm Japanese, I was born ans raised in the Sunshine State called Florida in the United States of America. I must say that I'm blessed because I was surrounded with people, good people who are also Americans but not stupid and arrogant  people who got the spotlight on Twitter trends. By the way, good luck to those twitters who was on the News Media like BBC, Huffington Post, and other sources they used your tweet to give examples of it the sour ones & sweet ones. It would be funny if the sour twitter users got into trouble and got terminated and kicked out of their job and/or school. Because discrimination and hatred shouldn't be allowed to the public. Of course this won't be the last since America is famously known to have a long and current situation of taunting other races and/or their nationality. I know and experienced for I was bullied because of my ethnicity and there are times I had hardships too; but as I grow older I become stronger & wiser from it. So, I laugh at it in return because you the ignorant patriotic or should I say hooligans are an example being targeted by another heartless such as terrorists groups: Isis.

   Didn't it occur to all of you, stupid Americans, making the innocent and good Americans in danger? That's right, you don't ever think about it because you're too retarded and selfish. Having that "We're Strong. don't mess with us or we beat you up" it's just same or equates to BULLY.  At least my mother country, Japan, is very good and I'm proud that they don't act like freaking hyped barbarians. It's in the DNA, we Japanese know how to keep ourselves classy and humble: win or lose it ain't matter. But because of that, you, dumb Americans know and very good at using that advantage of that characteristics by taunting them about bringing up something that is so over 70 years ago. Really, you are pathetic! Haven't you learn not just History but by keeping up current politics and international relations. That's right, you, stupid Americans, I thought you are patriotic so therefore shouldn't know that Japan and the US has been allies for like 70 years. Oh yeah, excuse me but you're a moron, feeling offended? Good, because you know karma, so you well know Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

   Win or lose, which started it, it doesn't matter. The point is this America, to those who are poor at hard to understand what they're tweeting or talking about: War is war and it isn't pretty situation. People on either sides lost heir lives through bloody battle especially those innocent lives. Their isn't funny or humor at all when joking about people's lives. It wouldn't be funny were it, if someone made a joke about your relatives who died in a car accident by some dumbass drunk driver. But at the same time, if you don't feel guilty about that top trend on tweets of #USAvJPN and other ugly words like #Japs #KillTheJaps #HeyJapanThatWasForPearlHarbor then you're clearly a #Sociopath. Atomic Bombs are not funny and a very serious thing to be affected by. There are still victims who are experiencing the side effects and people who joke about radiation then you are the one who deserve the treatment and see how it feels. I have seen lack of class twitters who used a picture of a Japanese victim who was affected by it with burning scars. Again, it's not funny and don't even think or say to "chill" at me. I think you patriotic, stupid, with no class
American individuals should calm the fuck down. For the sake of your rotted minds, its a fucking FIFA Womens Soccer GAME. Don't mix it up, hypocrites.

   You know nothing about respect because you don't respect yourself to begin with. No morals because your "freedom" is absolutely insane to deal with. Seriously, freedom of what do and say whatever you want? Go ahead, you have freedom to Japan Bash. At the same time I find it ironic that you idiots use Emojis which Japan invented and much, much MORE of Made in Japan and/or related things. So if your such a dumbass that acts or think like smart ass fool then do yourself a favor boycott that's everything from Japan or anything that is related by their utmost superior inventions  they created by googling it. Then make your broken Made in America and lets see how you can make things perfectly. I want to say that because as an decent and true mannered American with icing of being classy: keep up of your arrogance because Japan is getting stronger and the hell a lot wiser than America. Weather you believe or not, Japan has been ally to your 'Merica for the last 70 years so don't get your buttons hyped up because in return you're going to lose your ally who has a lot of history & wisdom than your pussy "baby" who is just over 237 years old. I'll bet and unfortunately it's the truth that the world like other countries like your ancestors of WASP, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia all together are laughing at your stupidity, America.

   So, you make jokes about pearl harbor, hiroshima and nagasaki. You make fun of starving children who are very skinny from third world countries while wasting you food. You bully someone from Middle East because of their cultural fashion like hijab and immediately assuming they are all terrorists. You taunt people who are minority because there are nothing & outnumbered by majority. So, don't go over rage, ass fucked or butt hurt and whine, complain, bitch and angry when someone makes a joke about 9/11, Boston Marathon and other hideous tragedy happened in America. By solemnly swear by the justice and love of God, that I am not a person who will make a joke or fun of people who lost their lives. That is just who I am, this message as I previously mentioned from previous blog Ryan @theherm_ on twitter; You, mother fucker should've kept you smart potty mouth #STFU idiot yankee from palm coast, FL. Lastly, to the good people of America or true classy Americans who mutually respect allies and decent humans on Earth. I humbly thank-you for your clean spirited, kindness and love; May God Bless to those who say & do the right things.

 Until next time, stupid Americans, keep up with your grudge because you are not worthy of popularity but targeted by hatred. What goes around, comes around.


Dear Japan and to ALL OVER THE WORLD,

Let me introduce to you Ryan, the boy who is good to tell or tweet a stranger on how to
"Shut up, idiot." On twitter, all because he's side with immature USA! Japan Bashing.
So Ryan, the boy who laughs at one of my tweet. #ThankYou

I will not go down because of your idiocy and mockery.
You are a white the negative type who's got a trait for the KKK.
So, I will henceforth and put you down first and make this public like other idiots including yourself;
about why you should have think twice before you tweet me.
Oh, that's right. You can't think because if you did then you wouldn't tweet me in a first place.
Which concludes you are a retarded kid who has a lot of time to do selfies.
There are two types of selfies: decent with classic atmosphere and the assholes.
You're the asshole in Level 4 stage which you should be proud of.
I'm assuming you have a job, in school, or baseball player for Matanzas Baseball 2016.
Hope karma uses the ball and hits your head so HARD boosts back into common sense (hopefully).
It would be so funny that some lunatic girl who has a crush on you chased you down a street with a baseball bat.
OMG, that is so hilarious revenge from my perspective view.

Sweetie, you don't know who I am as a real person.
You have no idea what it's like to be minority.
You have no idea being a full blood Japanese is a honorable thing to me.
After what my ancestors, the nation, my parents being a legal hard working immigrants.
Being born in SoFlo of USA.
You don't know ANY hardships that we had to go through.
You don't know because you are a typical Westerner who knows about power, mockery and founded discrimination and racist words.

You don't know because you haven't passed the test called "No Pain, No Gain."
Boy, I'm in my late twenties but I have a precious brain of a wise philosopher.
I look like a child, act like one which retains my youth but I know damn well to act like;
a true mature, respect and have morals representing a true American.
I speak Japanese fluently, read and write; I sacrificed my weekends to go Japanese School.
I hated it but now, I'm so grateful because of it and made me realize that Japan is a great country with lots of wisdom in its beauty.

For you to say: Japs.
For to tweet me: shut up idiot.
Honey, you're lucky now. But if you said that to another person who is or likes Japan and is an American.
You're so screwed.
Just imagine you're in busy traffic and encountered some tough love.
May the road rage happens to you if you keep up with your mockery & stupidity.

I'm 100 times ahead of everything I did and I do on everyday basis.
I work hard, play hard.
I don't ever give up even if it's my last breath of this world.
You are just the majority of young and rich spoiled kids who don't have guts to sweat & bleed.
Bet you're a straight A or an honor student with flying colors.
But don't know history and how to learn and gain it by moving forward.
Learn your History douche bag but then again, the education system in this nation is crippling.
Education is to act classy, an attitude of mannerisms.
Seems like you lack of it, poor guy who will grow up to be a genitalman instead of gentleman.

You are a PERFECT example of a rising star of bad image of America who will NEVER learn.
Grow up
Have Morals
Articulate Language
Speaking &/or Learning another Language
Do a simple math without a calculator
but very good at bullying, making fun of other people like myself.
Excellent VOGUE pose for selfie of 2015
Performing Science Lab experiment and typing with lots of typos & grammar errors.
Playing Mozart or Vivaldi on a piano
Famous people like Audery Hepburn, songs from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin
Working at a job but fails miserably on multi-tasking
Don't know how spend and save money by clipping coupons & using it while on sale
Bitching & complaining about shit.
Just in my SARCASM beast mode & telling the true predictions of your life.

I know, no need to applause because I know Damn well and so does God that I'm gifted individual.
Thank you for the laughter, you wanna know why because I AM BETTER THAN YOU.
You, Ryan young no experience of shutting your potty mouth for your sake.
"You are what you eat" they say.
So I assume you eat a lot of SHIT like: Hershey's, Red Meat, French Fries, Cole Slaw, or dude lets not forget Coke, Beer and other heavy taste unhealthy, not organic and GMOs.
Seriously, I think YOU need to Shut The Fuck Up little boy.

You're laughing so hard because you are a fucktard.
Poor guy, doesn't know my sarcastic message.
You are an perfect example of why stupid & hideous are an embarrassment of why Americans (which you are not whether or not you disagree with me).
Here is another racist term that you still don't know how to say correctly.
It's Japanese not:
So Ryan, You SHUT YOUR POTTY MOUTH and don't you ever dare talk to me like you know me.
Because you don't know who you're communicating with, IDIOT.
Why are you tweeting when I Blocked/Reported your tweets.
Like, you talk against the wall?!
How mentally fucked up you are. �� LMAO~!!!
By the way, you are nothing different to that stupid sociopath Dylann Roof.

Also, I do have friends that are white and/or Westerners but they are not assholes like yourself & your buddies.
Too bad, you should have put Palm Springs, CA instead of Palm Coast, FL.
You know nowadays people can track your location.
Good Luck with your smarty ass attitude.
Be sure go to the beach, because sharks sure love to bite your flesh out of your weak body.
Watch your back, fucktard.

You are minor age silly boy, I'm waaay older than you! I have my right to tweet AND use the 1st Amendment. A fucking stupid, bigot & negative white boy like you don't have any rights to tell me what to do. Remember that, wait you can't remember that's right because you're a RETARD. I wonder if you ever talk back to anybody that's older than you because if we go back into good old days on a time machine, I would be spanking the living shit out of you for a discipline with a leather belt. Go to another country and it still continues. That is why Ryan other countries have morals, respect and well behaved because they don't talk to their elderly BECAUSE THEY KNOW BETTER, Crackhead.


 I want to take this moment tribute to Bruce Jenner, now the beautiful transgender who we will call & know her as Caitlyn Jenner. Yes, I follow her on twitter because I'm impressed her courage and coming out on her interview with Diane Sawyer. Even though as time progresses through change there still a lot of process of acceptance, respect and understanding work to do; in this case the transgender community who are struggling because there's still of lack of support. Especially here in America is the symbol of diversity but there is still bias and discrimination present and unfortunately there are people who will never change because they don't have a heart of wisdom. It's not just supporting her and other transgenders out there who are afraid because there are so called ignorant, 'haters gonna hate' who are willing to have a nerve physically & mentally hurt them. Remember that even if you are or aren't believer in God and/or any religion or simply atheist, transgender and any other sexual orientation background are human beings. Just like me, Caitlyn Jenner and other people who are what they are; are breathing, eating, drinking, working, talking, walking, beings. I know people who are atheist/agnostic are kind, generous and respectful people, some can be rude but not all are; I bet there are those who even support people like Caitlyn Jenner. 

 Most importantly, Caitlyn Jenner should be proud and embrace her identity. She is BRAVE. Her bravery came out because of her strong willed determination which is the main ingredient of her beauty. What I have discovered is that the definition of beauty is being strong with kindness and only to those who are fighter of injustice. To me that is the real definition of being beautiful not just the physical attractiveness of so called former models of Abercrombie & Fitch and/or sexy Angels of Victoria's Secret on the marketing ads. I'm strong believer in spirituality and I do believe that every one of us has a soul with a purpose & mission. Caitlyn Jenner is one of them and she should continue the role model for other transgender while growing the movement of transgender awareness. 

 Caitlyn Jenner you are beautiful. I am so proud of you for coming out and your courage of the interview. I cannot wait to get the Vanity Fair issue of your cover. May God Bless You!


 So I don't want to sound a selfish, stubborn child who just got recently hired at A&F. But I had a few moments and thinking about this Call-in shifts that I was scheduled today which apparently they didn't need me, fine; and for tomorrow and this Saturday. Now, I considered as part-timer and I'm not going to complain but if there are part-timers out there and they're scheduled R (Regular) and/or T (Task) without any Call-in shifts then I'm going to be in suspicious mode. Or who knows, maybe I'm just paranoid or overthinking about it. Lets not forget how the past of Abercrombie & Fitch went through stupidity of discrimination and that ugly former CEO stated on his interview with Salon dot com. I consider myself a precious minority but strong-willed who is determined if I know I'm being treated with lack of respect. Of course I deserve a respect and at the same time, don't treat like a shit because even if these assistant managers, store manager and/or current brand representatives think I'm stupid then they're messing with wrong person. 

 You have no idea how much of waiting while job search and still rejected because nowadays this nation got fucked with corrupted lies and losing virginity of morals. Don't get me wrong, this nation used to be filled with respected people but not any longer instead those people who exist today are just population amount of thin ice sheet. So going back of that rejection, fuck the "equal opportunity employment" because it's cute but it's not equality. There still rotted people who doesn't know how to open doors with new and acceptance. But I must say A&F career, thank-you for hiring me but don't underestimate me. This call-in shift is making me go beserk into okay, kiss my ass and I'll show you how precious specimen that I can show with exceptional service by making you think twice. I may not be experienced worker but I know how to treat costumer with clean slate of politeness. Trust me, full-breed Japanese like myself, you really don't want to start with your common easy target. Because I take a great pride of my divine lineage, a soul of samurai and lets not forget with alter ego of Kamikaze fighter strength.

Later Bitches,
Vampress xoxo


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