Okay, lets face it, you are not alone. We are SO DAMN tired of these telemarketers and especially people who can't even leave a message with a complete sentence. It's becoming useless of these people who are trying to reach out but doesn't leave anything and/or any reason of why and what for. Recently, we received a message from a man who wanted to speak to my parents but did not leave any phone number to call back and what it was for. Seriously, whoever you are sir, you have a possible of What The Eff communication therefore lack of what you are trying to say.

 Listen every one who has curious and interested in my blogs that I post once in a while. Do NOT and I mean DO NOT even carry on the conversation that you know deep in your gut instinct sounds like a prank or scam. Immediately hang up on that stranger, even it's hard for you because you are simply don't want to be rude, just simply hang up. Also, going back to Mr. "Who didn't leave any details but stated wants to talk to my parents." Tough Luck, because they don't have to and won't call you due to following reasons:
- You didn't include your name & who you work for.
- Didn't leave any detailed message so, what was the point of calling.
- Most importantly, you forgot the contact phone number.

 How can they call you back when you want to speak to them with out leaving at least the phone number? In these days we only can expect phone calls when something is urgent or know who is calling us depending on situations. With that said, I had one specific caller from Humana Insurance company calling for Michael Dallet or Dallas. It was not only getting on my nerves and annoyance every time they called us but I was fed up so I wrote them a letter to knock it off and open their eyes, smell & drink some caffeine. Because I am concerned for Mr. Michael Dallet or Dallas for he is not getting the message. I even had a Humana representative gave me the number ( by the way, it was not even the actual Humana Phone Number but it was United Healthcare) & her correct ext number. Not only I found it outrageous but very stupid for her to work in Humana or any company because she made a stupid mistake and wrong number that she works for and gave me another company number. 

 That is why for every one's benefit, you better make sure for YOURSELF. Trust your instinct and if it sounds not familiar and seems suspicious turn it around. Simply hang-up. Or you can tell them you are not interested and if they have a nerve to threaten you then record it and file a law suit for evidence. It is a harassment and you to the callers who has nothing better to do because you sit your ass down company. Get a grip and a life and work for something you can make a difference or something that will distract your senses. I don't deal callers that sounds like lack of info and useless. Have a great day and don't ever contact us again. 


 So, apparently I did that 2-StepVerification Security thing on Google. And I am going to be straight and be very honest about it, it's pain in the neurological senses to all of your body! I mean I always put on a thought on setting it up and I did it recently and just immediately stopped it because it's nerve racking every time whenever I want to log in to my Google account. You might be thinking well, then why did even bother setting it up? I was just curious and then I was like "naahh, forget this, I am through with your silly games."

 But don't worry it's not like I'm going to delete my beloved Google account. The only thing I need to do is to make sure at least, I mean AT LEAST once in a while to update my password that's for sure. Ans speaking about password, PLEASE do yourself a favor don't use passwords that are easily accessible. And you know what I'm talking bout so, don't be stupid while giving me a tilted one side like a pooch. I know that recently and I don't recall their names but they are celebrities and they were two people got hacked on their Twitter account by using their pet's name. I do feel sorry and that feeling of "that sucks" moment but at a same time that is very selfish of them and I hope they can be clever and creative the next time they make a new password. 

 Also, another different safety cyber tip: STOP being fooled by these impostors who asks your info like SSN and/or credit card number. Same goes for suspicious mails too, every year when you do taxes you have to be careful because if you don't keep track of your personal information then not only you're screwed but it's going to pain in the ass to retrieve and catch a criminal who ruined your financial life. Luckily we never had a problem but that doesn't make us our guard down. If you know someone that you trust or expected to ask your information then do so but other than that don't. I mean it's really common sense, trust your instincts its never wrong. 

 It's sad that so many people are addicted to earning a lot more and more and more of money because its not just a fame trend but what they want not need. Then you have these people who will risk their life even if they get caught to steal money from accounts or physically robbing them. I can never imagine myself or the people that I am only close to will do such a thing because we only believe in value of simplicity, respect and focus on what is important for the future. 

 However, never ever turn back on your precious sixth sense and I mean that gut feeling. I can never stress enough to the people I know or even kind strangers that you need to build a circle that you can count on and don't waste your time on being popular. There are people who are sick an illness of jealously, rage and hatred. These negative beings will do anything to make your life miserable and even piss you off. I don't like to jinx but most of the time it doesn't effect me because everyday I do an affirmation or most commonly ritual a prayer by surrounding myself a holy light from God's love and Mother' Nature's positive energy wrapped around me and light an incense asking Him that if any harm or an entity that is negative is trying to hurt me will be blocked off immediately and only Positive is welcome anytime and anywhere.  

 You don't need to be religious, just believe and focus on your goodness and spread it out. Don't forget the common sense and your instincts. Always be sure maintenance your cyber activities especially your accounts whether it's emails, personal accounts and/or Social Networking. Lastly, don't use passwords like: 123456..., abcdefg... your phone number, SSN and etc. you can do better and you are not stupid.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

 Long story short, this discussion with a person that I would say nothing but bipolar two-faced Mental Illness Ph.D dealing with Psychology to help others is one very sad soul. So, before going on to close the chapter who loves to harass, despise to the Palestinians who are going through pain, suffer and fear from missiles and ironically practices and believes in the Nichiren Buddhism (which originated from Japan) also loves to enjoy mocking me by racial slurs, especially calling me slanty is nothing but rude and you should be restrained towards anybody that I mentioned right now. With a smirk to my face, you are one courageous with a hint of idiocy telling me to Learn English? For Your Information, troll, I know how to speak, read and write in two versions of English British/American. Personally regarding to that, I speak superiorly well with a true American accent. You don't even know me when it comes to respect, etiquette and understanding on social media. If you simply backed off on that New York Times on facebook about 5-6 years ago regarding about the Army base in Okinanwa, Japan, no matter how much disagreement you had at me because I'm 100% Purebred Japanese bitch. You should have kept your overwhelming, emotional, strong disagreement yelling at me in your rage of dissing the word Nippon to "Nappon" not only made me fury outraged but made me think of you as one ugly stereotypical Jewish. 

 Before you think and say that I'm a Jewish hater let me state this with my honest feeling about your ethnicity: I don't hate Jewish. In fact, I have a Jewish friend back in High School which I won't state his name for privacy reason so I will call him Dee. Dee is one of the most funny, open-minded, courageous, outgoing and very, very kind person that always made me smile everyday. Today he is Dear to me and I won't let anybody make him feel like worthless being just because he is proud to be gay or that he is Jewish. You see, Dee has similar characteristics like you having a Ron Weasley's Reddish Hair, light color eyed iris and average build. What Dee doesn't have like you are: ignorance, discriminating and dissing others. That is why I love him as a friend and a brother. If I hated because they are Jewish or they're mixed or they're white and etc; then I wouldn't even living in here in the USA. Sure, what I said to you was mean but it's karma and I will not tolerate for anybody to call Japan as Nappon. Or dissing the values and well-respected nation known to the United Nations and especially to USA because our facial features. 

 You have know idea what I went through while growing up. My parents were mocked because most people at that time probably lacked of mannerisms and respect thought that they could treat them like crap because they an accent, looked like "Chinese" and just treat them like they are nobodies. My parents dream was to come and live in the US since their childhood and they did. They came here LEGALLY through USCIS and never thrown their pride, they worked hard while being bullied but still worked with sweats and "I will & can do character" guts. I'm an only child and to them I'm precious and if something had happened to me they would sacrifice even given up their last breath for me. In return I would do the same with honor from our long and immortal beliefs of Bushido of Samurai code. I am Japanese but also an American and I take a great pride to be a role model who wants to look up to me. You don't have a right to fuck me over for something you are strongly disagree at me or others views and/or opinions. 

 Don't get me wrong, I do have disagreements but I learn to be dead silent or other words: to Shut The Fuck Up. The only time I will speak up or start switching on is when I am fed up for a long time like a extremely hot lava from the super erupted volcano. That is why I "tweeted" that to you, that is why I have no respect for a person in your professional position and of course you ain't getting any respect form me and I know you're not going to apologize and so am I. You lack the history of why Palestinians are angry, crying for their lost relatives, their homes and in blood shed pain. There is a reason why we have to understand the behind of it not just the front of the media. I won't even bother to lecture and waste my time to explain every detail for a soul like you. Since you're "intelligent" and threatening me by pressing charges against me, let it be. Because I have an ability to keep composed and to be very damn honest on what I know, say, feel and think. 

 Lastly, before I shut the fuck up, I will say this to you. Can you learn other languages? I mean not by your favorite word "pu pu platter" or your "hor" I mean by can you speak, read and write other languages such as Hebrew? Can you read that title that's in Kanji 創価学会? It's your religion that you immersed in jerk, it is Soka Gakkai or Souka Gakkai. And so tell me or you can just shut the fuck up because I don't force you to answer unless if you're in jail and interviewed by a detective, by why Nichiren Buddhism? Hmmm? Maybe you're fit even better for Judaism because I don't like you practicing a religion known to be non hostile and most beautiful thing to experience. WTF why? Because it doesn't look right, you're rotting the concept and image of it. 

 I hope you will always keep up your narcissistic personality and keep it up forever. Take it with you at my nationality lineage ( which I hope not because I would have to commit suicide) and do that to others. Japanese people don't tolerate assholes like you and instead they will observe and make gossips. Hey, it is the truth, I know because like I said and will always repeat like a remixed DJ that I know my beautiful top of the world culture. That is my freedom of speech how I think and you will not in any shape or form EVER in my future be so hypocrite and fuck over for I want to believe or say. I have my weakness but that doesn't make me go any weaker, I go right back up even if I can't walk I still fight like a samurai because it's in my blood. Because I was born this way, I go forward, I walk in my proud short height, I smile towards the Sun as the rays cocoon me with God's light of love for peace and hope for the greater. 

 I hope Palestine will prevail and I stand with them. 

So screw you, so long, I will die with honor not shame if it makes happier for you, NOT.
Later loser and don't ever contact me for I have blocked you.
Vampress xoxo

 For some of you out there who reads my blog or thinks I;m just crazy chick dipshit, I honestly don't care of what you think or how much hatred or sympathy you have. Because it's simply we don't agree on the same & basic understanding or my view of how I think about the society in these days. If you don't even try or ever have deep & critical thinking of what I'm trying to say then unfortunately, you & I will NEVER get along. That's right, naddah, zero, zilch or zap! The majority of these days people are just to obsessed of fame, material and money. That is the reality and the truth, I mean you can say I'm just jealous because I'm just a pathetic loner and selfish only child bitch. Thanks, I'm proud of being alone with my only biological parents, surrounded by nature and most importantly the only deity that I extremely in love with his energy coming out from the beautiful sun rays, He the Almighty God. Like I said before, I was a target for bully, an outcast while in Elementary to High School, tested for discrimination manipulated by sons of bitches and asshole chicks. That just made me stronger and reminded me that they were the ones who were the morons because they lacked of judgement and their morals. 

 Recently, I have officially started writing a diary. Yes, that diary. Diary with a special lock and keys to hide that you the writer who only knows where it is. It brings me back into the last good old days of 1990s. I couldn't even write because I was traumatized by the hardships that I went through emotionally because of my ethnicity. My parents first house, their dreams of their struggles but with guts and hard work they earned we moved in decent neighborhood and today we are still grateful to live in this home. I have at least a few neighbors when we moved in were respectful but they were others who looked at us if we didn't belong to their community. Well, since I'm all mature to watch R-rated films and even though still shy female like 5 year old girl I am not shy about how to respond to those hypocrites. Thanks for the dirty looks and FUCK YOU too. I am not only proud of my parents but I am proud to be Born This Way. I know I mentioned about this before, that I am so proud to be purebred Japanese bitch. I am so proud to have The Land of The Rising Sun running, pumping, circulating blood in my biological veins.

 Japan, began nothing after World War II. From the A-Bomb the land after war was nothing but sadness and scrap of aftermath. But that was the beginning of we've known for Animal Economic because our inventions were nothing but "goody two shoes" and the world roared something that is fair. Well, I have to admit Japan is one filthy rich empire in the world and it sure makes me want to smirk towards other countries for their jealously and hatred for us. Domo Arigtou! Retards. What I'm trying to say here is you start from nothing as if you're the same level like homeless and for which I have great respect because they simply don't waste food and don't throw things away unless it's useless.

 You don't need a lot of shit. I have come to realize people want attention because they want to become famous. To be famous is to have all the things you want from glamorous lifestyle of Gucci dress, a chandelier earrings with sparkling big diamond pendent hanging form neck, while on your super high Christian Louboutin heels and flashes, blings of camera surrounding your cocky attitude want the world bow down before you. Fuck you, you're not my deity and when you die the only thing you're going to bring is your naked soul. iphones, why are so many people and I know at least one of you of millions out there who are too obsessed with the status of having an iphones and becoming an addict is purely insane and waste of your time and your life cycle. I don't even have a smartphone or iphones and I don't even need one because it's a distraction. But, lets say if I had one, I'm not going to sit my ass down and spend more than 1 hour on instagram flashing my updates. I rather read a magazine or a newspaper and drink some tea and clean up my stuff and shit. Why spend so much money that is nothing but distraction? I mean don't get me wrong I do love to go Tate's buy and collect Gothic & Lolita Bible and become a Lolita chic one day.

 I am a student and currently unemployed while in job search. I rather focus on my education, learn, grow (knowledge,) maintain my health, and I know that what I longed for is not stupidity. It was simplicity and the power from hunger, poor, struggles and go more struggles will make me reach that top of Mount Everest as if God was guiding protecting me all along. And when that happiness comes, I'm going fuck it all over your faces and show you how damn happy I am. Please, don't take this personal but wanting more is nothing but a brag with big diapers on your ass.

Peace & Love,

 Here I am unemployed, still searching for a job so many times as if I'm going over a review for the exam. I have come to realize there so many stupidity of people because of lack of communication, unorganized and most importantly having a patience of understanding. Its just not the employees or employers but costumers as well, it's depressing and disgusting at the same time that so many people can't do the job correctly, neatly and ensuring costumers/patients that everything is fine. I have the right to bitch about this because you have no idea, even as a native speaker and being 100% American, I am very saddened and disappointed because so many of people especially young immature, idiots and poorly educated people lost the true value as real Americans. What do I mean by that? Its not a hard question to figure out the answer, America was sincere and in fact very respected people like back in the good old days of Disco era. Sure, you drank but you still were very cautious while driving form a party club to your home sweet home. Where did the innocent and high moral standard Americans go? We live in full of fascinating things like iphones, ipads, Google and other things we created and yet we lost the simple and basic importance of real human value. It's a shame. Shame that people don't know how to listen, or stop texting while driving behind a wheel. The fact is the more you're addicted to your precious smart ass phones the stupider you are. Sorry, but I do know exactly what I'm talking about because I help people especially 97% of the time my parents. 

 For example, lets say I call an insurance agent for a question. Then they are delighted to help you out ( of course, my dad is a damn loyal costumer and still paying for expensive shit Allstate bills) they give this boring lecture on how to save your insurance but then you pause because your gut instinct can smell of doesn't make any sense crap. You call again the next day, another person answers differently to your same questions as before. Then there is a moment of WTF is going on?! You see, I don't finish it once, I ask again until there is at least same answers regarding to my right of what I'm asking for. I don't trust people that easily nor they can fool me. If I was working regardless of what my position is, I have a strong policy to do things right because I know I am right always been because I'm not stupid like the rest of common stupids out there. And to all of employers that I have applied for and will do it until I am hired, ALL OF YOU are nothing but unequal opportunities morons. I gave you my contact information and still no's yes's or ands of buts. If you hired me and tell me on how to do certain tasks then you would've been grateful that saved your behind. Sure I may be inexperienced and unemployed but being open-minded is another step for refreshment of change. With all do respect to the bossy bosses or people who are in charge, you are stupid as well and wasting your fuckin budget on worthless very knowable people who can't do a dipshit of terrific job.

 And especially to the people who knows English, like me, are the seed of pissing decent people like myself, my parents and other decent people giving them the stress to make them feel more shitty and unhealthy. It's rude, disgrace and ignorant for you to work anywhere on this planet. You're wasting your time and money that your getting paid for. Its nasty and sick to the economy, go back to mannerisms and how-to-get-your-shit-together philosophy 101 lesson. Well, then again there is no cure for the idiots, even the Nobel Prize of Medicine endeavors are reluctant to even bother to find a cure of all of idiots who wants to create more shitty problems. Get a grip and fix your own dumbass brain.


As usual of my I don't give a fuck of your ignorance and my kiss my ass tolerance. 
I and my best friend Mom went to Walgreens in the mixed weather of rain & shine of  Lauderdale By The Sea in Florida, to pick up prescriptions.
As we walked out at the entrance area, there was a man carrying his little baby by saying to me with a hint of being ass "This is InDoor."
Like where does it say? Because the fact is and any of you people who has been at Walgreens in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL both of the doors doesn't state if this door is In or Out.

So with my bitch Goddess kick in I gave him a glare and bluntly told him "SO WHAT! asshole."
Sure it felt good, that would teach him to STFU next time.
Let me tell you something, Suger Fat loaded Daddy.
I know you said that because of my Asian looks so, guess what dumbass I know English 100% and speak like a pure American you round eye white fat ass.
If you think I'm a racist, lets turn the table around pointing your big wide ass mouth.
If I was a white chic you probably wouldn't say that would you?

That is very UNGentleman of you, probably you are too fat need to get inside the store so bad but couldn't wait for just 5 seconds to let us out.
You're stupid ignorant pig to say that.
And you're nothing but BIG Son of a BITCH.
Why don't you stick your cheese puff middle size finger and shove it in your ass.
Have a fucked up Father's Day, Mother Fucker Dipshit.


 Well guess what Ladies & Gents, Lashay SoEstupido who loved to torment & bully back in the days of "Puberty/Unbalanced Hormone growth of HATRED" towards me is going to TKA in Davie, FL. Hoping her daughter becomes what? Beating the shit out on other innocent Asians? I wonder because it's interesting to give my opinion and thoughts about her and her poor child who was born in her Mother's womb, a mother who treated me like piece of meat ans shit. Let me get this straight on one thing you ass fucktard: What happened in the past is done, but I do not forget nor I will forgive YOU. Got it? Also, don't be so scared like a wimpy pooch because I wouldn't even be bother to stalk and beat the living crap out of you (though if I had a Maleficent powers then that would be lovely to wipe every inch of your existence in SMOKE.) It would be a waste of time, my time of better things to do, like, studying & expanding my knowledge, job search, and caring about my friends, family, and the environment. 

 But I would like to share of her precious testimonial view where she goes and trying to be a Jackie Chan wannabe dog. Best after school program ever!! The staff truly cares about the kids and it is such a loving environment.  Ms. Natalie is simply the best! She always helps when you have a question or anything. Master G. is great too! Even though he is the owner, he is always there and ALWAYS involved.  You can tell he doesn’t do this for the money, he is passionate about the program! Hopefully my daughter will continue to grow here for years and years with this TKA family!! Lashay Solivera –Mother May 2014
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That means NOTHING! It means nothing because you realized at some point that you want you and your daughter to be so special and attention. Well, I'll give your daughter a break, but you my sweetbrokenheart, YOU'RE WORTHLESS PIECE of dung.

 It seems like you live in Broward! Oh My God, in Davie near Broward College & FAU Campus so, are you trying to go back to school? Well, don't even bother STALKER because I'll keep my eye on my beautiful ass, my space, my education so I don't get harassed by you if you're going even dare to try. By the way I know your address:  3090 Palm Trace Landings Dr Apt 414
Apt 414Davie, FL 33314-1892 
 You my dear, are a forever threat to me and my personal shit list of sociopathic assholes. Think as if I'm on Defense, defense can come into flavors of counterattack: one is throwing it back at your Lashay soliverathug look alike face, two destroying my feelings means GO TO HELL.
 In the names of Heaven, you are so ugly, mean, and even more cruel. I mean take a good look at the front of your mirror. I want you to remember what you did back in the past honey, because I don't forget people who fucked up my emotions, feelings and physically attacked me. Look at you, is that a boob augmentation? You look nasty, GOLDDIGGGER. 
 YOU'RE the one who should GET A LIFE! Can't believe you still live in this world, when so many innocent people die.


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