Dear NYPD Officer Pantaleo & to ALL Officers who supposed to protect and serve citizens NOT TO KILL,

 My heart is broken into pieces permanently and forever until the JUSTICE system finally realizes and wakes up. Do you want to know why my I'm in pain? Its because I'm human, a human that has feelings and real emotions who treats and believes equally as any other  human being. I'm not Black, White or Hispanic but Asian and you know what, it doesn't matter because I'm still human. I breathe like Eric Garner when he was alive until you Mr. Pantaleo put so much force and pressure onto him by slamming on the ground and to other officers who doesn't know when to stop when he cried out "I CAN'T BREATHE, I Can't Breathe, i  can't  breathe..." It'sad really, scary as more than a devil and very disgusting makes me want to throw up every time I see officers out in a public. You know I used to miss real, good and loyal officers back in the day. But now, I can't even trust police officers due to my parents experience like racial profiling all because they're not white and in fact they're Asian, more specifically Japanese. We consider minorities where we live and I and my family friends have to deal constantly with discrimination and bully because what America has become a full of junk, lack of respect and kindness. In fact, it has become a nation of disgrace and not the America that I used to know. 

 You, Daniel Pantaleo are nothing different from Darren Wilson and other white officers who act like three little pigs. You even send condolences to the Garner Family, that's very sincere of you and at the same time I find it hilarious that the wife of Eric Garner refuses your apology. I don't blame her because I can completely understand why; you are alive Eric Garner is dead, you're still getting paid and she has to find other way to feed her family. You're sorry, always will be because you killed him. Did you know you're #1 hated viral on YouTube and there was one video on YouTube where you waved at the camera, how ignorant of you. Waving at the camera as if you did nothing and just did your job like Darren Wilson would say on the last interview. Plus you have a lot of images when people type your name, you do look like a predator pantaLEO. Have you ever take a look at yourself in the mirror? You have a big word printed your forehead visibly and clear: I Love To Abuse My Power whenever I feel its necessary and whenever I feel like it. 

 All because of neighborhood community watch leader George Zimmerman, all because I did my job stated by Darren Wilson and all because I didn't mean no harm to him stated by Daniel Pantaleo. Seriously, What The F---?! Is that all the reason because to shoot more than 3 times at the back of Trayvon Martin walking with a hood on, is that all the reason to shoot 6 bullets at Mike Brown, is that all the reason to do a choke hold when you suspected Eric Garner doing  illegal selling of cigarettes? Why? Because they're all blacks. Its getting really retarded for officers to do racial profiling in this 21st century. If any of you officers disagree with me well that's because you're not black and/or never experienced being a victim in a situation because you're not a minority. So before you tell me I'm absurd then feel free to comment me back and it better have very good damn explanation. I know there are still few who are gentle, professional officers who doesn't abuse powers because they know that's simply a bully thing to do. 

 Just because you have badge, carrying a gun and wear a uniform doesn't make you have a authority to shoot and kill a person. You're supposed to shoot his/her upper and /or lower limbs to keep them immobilized so they don't harm any other people. Don't any officers know how to control and keep calm? I guess not unfortunately, and while protesters are doing it peacefully, officers are still making arrests because they feel like it. Majority of officers are disgusting more than pigs. Nasty, ignorant and love to YELL AT ANY PEOPLE because they have the right to. Stupid.

 I'm a protester crying in pain. I'm a human who stand with other multicultural human beings marching for justice for Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and to many innocent victims killed by police. America of Justice System you embarrass me so much it pisses me off, so much that I want to shout out FUCK YOU! Shame on you to all of grand juries, you embarrass me too. Oh, this is to Congressman Peter King, as a Republican and of course American you are out of your mind, stop making reasons like "Oh Eric Garner died because he was diabetic/asthma complications," seriously, Shut The Fuck Up you know nothing, in facto you're not even a medical examiner, you're just a man sitting his A S S in a luxurious office in New York and keep flapping trying to be all cute. If you're a legally licensed medical examiner then fine, I'll Shut The Fuck Up but otherwise don't change the facts or modify what the Medical Examiner stated in the report because its rude and disrespectful when they are at hard work on figuring and accurately determining on the death of cause. 

 Daniel Pantaleo, to all of officers who are out there and even to the paramedics you guys FAILED of what police and rescue workers are supposed to be. As long justice is not justified, then WE THE PEOPLE who speak of the dead victims will continue protest peacefully, not rioting or creating apocalypse because those who create violence you're not part of it its simple as that. I lost faith in America, the whole damn system makes me want to rethink about my future like moving to another country. I'm done with you America, you have disappointed me greatly. Embarrassment to the whole world.


 Apparently, there are too many damn things going on with Ferguson ans that mean looking Elizabeth Lauten who just resigned and apologized about how she f---ed it up about her criticizing about President Obama's daughters. But I'll get to that next time when I do, in the meantime this is regarding to DJ so called Ready4Rebirth: you're such an idiot and it seems strange for you to be at the top obviously with over mare than 3,000 votes. Seriously, I think YOU ARE the one who is cheating with this DJ Competition. Axiom is my idol that I want him to play because I know he is bluntly speaks out what he strongly believes in and he is very HONEST person that I find rarely in this days because people like you who likes to bluntly accuse him being a cheat makes me wan to speak on behalf of him. So, in other words Shut The F--- Up "It" look alike freak. 

 It seems so that karma is automatic support for Axiom defense while its nasty downside is up to your secrets and whole bunch of lies you like to spread. You actually have over 3,000 fans liked you to vote this competition? I think your a sneaky slug tried your wrong ways of doing to get up to over 3,100 likes is that right? In my harsh honest opinion, your not my type to listen to your poorly worked music. In fact I think you're just like that woman that previously resigned because she wrongly accused Obama's daughters by attacking them without any thinking and just quickly judging them because she's an empty & sad headed jerk as an woman working in politics. You are that perfect analogy example dude, and he is right what you're doing is EXTREMELY sh!tty. If you think I am wrong then act like a real gentleman, work your behind in hard work not cheating and treat yourself respect. 

 I just don't understand people like you, who would do ANYTHING to kick everybody else just to get in that top position by accusing, lying, manipulating and being true bully jerk. That is part of goal to disqualification, and don't even think about "oh, I think you got payed by Axiom to do this" that kind of crap is delusional, got it a--hole? I get payed with respect, honesty and most importantly HARD WORK. Axiom should deserve on that top spot more than you and you know why? At least the numbers shows who has honest votes and with real loyal fans. Axiom is better looking than you, very intelligent than any other people out there and very passionate at what he does. Don't you see, oh yeah you can't see because you're to hairy with that crazy afro covered your eyes so you're blind as DINGBat. Axiom is real gentleman despite his emotions or profanities that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is people like you who has no common sense and lack of understanding attack people like him others for something that can be treated in fairness but instead go assuming he or she is cheating when they are not. 

 So STFU, get a life ready4lies, because you definitely not getting any support form or any of Axiom supporters and others who believe this blog. By the way, I truly, HATE people who just bluntly accuse and nothing but liars. Good Luck at your DJ competition results and your career, Son-Of-A-B----!


 So, here we go again, this "wrong" number calling process. No it's not my first it's many times before and I know there some of you out there who had a similar situations as well. This person or whoever you are with a phone number starts with area code 561 or from West Palm Beach, STOP F---ing contacting me because my nerves is on the edge. Why on earth would you call me more than 5 times at near midnight in this past 3 days? First I ain't a call girl, second midnight is my deep beauty sleep peak and lastly, go screw yourself with your smart a-- phone. Or you're just simply a total nutcase leaving me a voice mail with your incoherent deep voice and the only words that I was able to decode was something about "phone bill." What phone bill? I don't owe you anything, in fact, believe it or not I don't even carry a smart phone or under a contract with any mobile companies. So there you go, if you don't have anything better thing to do then MOVE ON. STOP HARASSING ME. I don't have time people who are jerks like you and other full of crap telemarketers who constantly calling me and others for something that is nothing but sh!t. 

 Knock it off, seriously. 


 I knew that at one point this would happen and it did. About an hour ago, I saw a tweet on twitter that I follow called @upressonline or known as University Press of FAU. There was two female FAU students hit by a car, and I hope those two students gets better soon as they are in the hospital according to the website. Now, let me say this personally as a safe driver for 7 years, there are many of YOU drivers out there who shouldn't even handle a wheel. Why? Because A LOT of you especially students and some FAU related community are being reckless and think those safety signs and speed limits are a joke. Its not and you're the one who is a joke, there is a reason why we have these signs and to a point having speed bumpers because there are still uncured speeders who can careless about those speed limits. I'm not just accusing at the driver but I have to admit there are pedestrians that are too lunatics like iphoning while crossing the road. 

 It's been crazy era with many many many unsafe road situations. People needs to stop texting while in the car, turn off the headphones while you are crossing the street and most importantly PAY ATTENTION PLEASE! It makes a lot difference if you do you're safe lookout check before moving on.


Dear Pre-Meds,
 Have you ever like had sex before marriage, got drunk and high on drugs and living your life fullest? Have you ever smoked when you know it's really bad for you. Stressed out because you couldn't get straight As or hated getting Bs. Did you decided to become a Pre-Med so you can make lots of $$$ or you just want to be famous and be mentioned on the HIGHEST HONORS CLUB. Or want every staff members to grovel before you because you're too good. Well, if that is all true or partially true, do yourself a favor and change your major into something else. I'm not being sarcastic nor being a hypocrite bitch but as I consider myself a philosopher at heart there is no hope in you. If there is then stop acting a big moron and get your shit together seriously becuse one way or the other you will fail at some point and learn from your mistakes and vow never to do it again. 

 Being pre-med, is a serious and courageous path. It's funny how students gets so overwhelmingly stressed out about grades are not As. Please get a fucking life, Bs are not that bad and Cs are not sour. Not everything is about GPA and doing good on MCAT takes planning and time when you know the time is right. You also have to know why you're going into this path, medicine is just like philosophy. So don't just say oh because I love science and its cool. Yeah, duh, but what made you go into this major, I mean think about it. Have you ever had health complications in your experience, do you strive for helping hand and are you willing do research? It takes a lot of mental, physical and emotional effort. Trust me, I'm no smart chic straight A goddess but I do a lot and I mean A LOT of deep thinking while meditating. 

 I have seen and I know, looks can be deceiving but I can tell who will be a great, down-to-earth future doctors and just ignorant, dishonorable ones. I know an example of some guy who was attractive and cutest ginger person but no offense I was like: "you want to be a doctor?!?!" Yeah an attractive guy, who is nothing but super sexual addict, loves to drink booze and what else... oh who knows if he quit smoking or continues to. Good Luck on studying MCAT while still sexually active, I mean get a grip! If you're too busy fantasizing about having to fuck then why don't you put an effort to study the MCAT prep? Since I'm damn honest person, I seriously hate most people who wants to be pre-med who never had failures, too busy getting straight As and only cares about themselves because they're too bookworm. I rather be with failure and are successful doctors than 4.0 GPA good too shoes future doctors. 

 Have no clue of what I'm talking about? Very good, you don't need to because you're too smart ass and it's hard for you to think because you're too stuffed up with smart ass knowledge and "trying to understand" is same word for "stupid" in your terms. Lastly, do me a favor don't you ever get in my way of my dreams, majority of you are nothing but crap.

Sincerely a future sexy doctor,
Dr. Vampress

 I get it, Japan is an economic animal, barbaric in Taiji and too goody Made Better in Japan human freaks. I have go to say THANK-YOU SO MUCH haters. You know know what they say HATERS GONNA HATE. So keep hating, attacking and bashing on Japan because you're just making the opposite of all three and that is making Japan STRONGER. You crazy but I say its the truth morons, and sad to say you have nothing better to do or focus on something to make things better. You see Japan maybe so small as nation size but it has huge power of influence with courteously and respect. I mean it's The Land of Rising Sun, it was meant to be a source of life, creativity, strength, power and mostly, hope. It has also been said in many ancient times that God was within Sun and therefore the Sun was rises from the East from the beginning. Japan to many throughout history of witness foreign travelers back in the day considered that country was God's land or known as "Land of the Gold." There is an actual Jesus's Grave in the northern Japan in a place called Shingo-mura in Aomori Prefecture. As he is the God's first child and his younger brother took over his place for cross. Personally, to me it's still a mystery but I'm so humbled and in awe that if it is really true then May God Bless Japan. 

 You see, your favorite Hello Kitty cuteness was born and invented in Japan. Your luxury car whether it is Lexus, Acura and Infiniti is Japanese Luxury vehicle company. Your Honda (not Hyundai lets be very, strictly clear on this because Hyudai is Korean and NOT the same as Honda), Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Isuzu, Suzuki, Subaru is also Japanese car company. Your pens Pental, your pretty sparkly Gel Pens Sakura, company Zebra is also from Japan. Kamikaze, Tsunami, Sensei (Teacher), are Japanese words. Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, Olympus, Canon, Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, Victor and other goody tech things are Japanese Manufactures. Gothic and Lolita Fashions were created in Japan, tokidoki handbag fashion means sometimes in Japanese. Sushi your favorite food is part of Japanese cuisine, YKK is Japanese zipper on your jeans is Japanese company called Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki-kaisha is Made in Japan. Look I know, STFU right? And I'm not over exaggerating, it's all the facts, don't believe me and have nothing better to do then go fucking research for yourself. 

 I don't believe in all but especially you Koreans and Chinese people are nothing but sad annoying idiots who are being brainwashed with toxic pasts and the governments by grudging against Japan because of jealously. So you know what? We Japanese don't give a damn, you want our money then fine TAKE IT! Bashing won't make you any good instead makes you look like cowards who can't invent on anything on your nation on your own. And Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visiting Yasukuni Shrine is criminal?! Oh My God, that is TOTALLY ABSURD, he has every God DARN RIGHT to visit Yasukuni Shrine., he's paying visit to respect deceased militaries who gave their live to protect and serve the country of Japan. You countries have a nerve to say such a thing, so, that equals to veterans in America who also gave their lives and an American President goes to a Memorial to visit and pay his respect to deceased soldiers is wrong? President Park Guen-Hye and President Xi Jiping: FUCK-YOU. You guys are selfish and ugly and go back to world history, oh wait, never mind, it's too lat to cure idiots like yourselves. 

 If you like to bash Japan then why don't give you a what you got and striking a missile to Japan. I'm in just in love with all of this Jealously rage against Japan because the country itself is too damn good at making things, have beautiful culture and people who are just simply amazing. Seriously, get a fucking PSYCHOlogy therapist if there is hope for you stupid presidents. I'm waiting for next new bashing against Japan it's so hilarious and STUPID.


Dearest Dr. Da Humbug Chew
 Look, I understand what you're saying Dr. Chew, every procedure has to BE PERFORMED specifically. It's good to know that you informed us but that doesn't give you the right to blame us primary to go into lashing out on why the printer got stuck or jammed. When everybody is gone and we're the ones who has to listen to your distress because of someone else's poorly performed failure of putting things back the way it supposed to be. Well let me give you a courteous heads up: why don't you update your written lab manual and check your typo. 

 Believe me, no one is perfect and I praise your success comes from the land Red Flag with 5 stars at the top corner left with Ph.D in Physics. Personally, don't get offended but in my strong personal opinion on what I truly believe in, Ph.Ds supposed to be a fucking perfectionist. And you're not, sad to say, do you want to know why? I will but I refuse to give you exact pages because you should be able to realize it in n time. When you put a BOLD LETTERS like the word CAUSION, it's not CAUSION Dr. Chew, it is CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that EXCLAMATION is with hint of SARCASM. With all due respect, if you're going to warn us about what we did wrong then first thing first: check your grammar and most of all S P E L L I N G.

 Take-care and have a wonderful productive weekend.



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