Don't ever get tired of why it's taking so long or why am I waiting so much? Well, it's not bad and I'll tell you why or give you an example to what happened to me for two days ago. In these days we use a lot and I mean A LOT of computer whether if it's for school typing for our reports or for English course. For most responsible adults we use it for internet access to check our banking accounts or skype for important meetings and for others social networking. Yep, I'm one of those common people until all of a sudden on Wednesday morning when I turned power on my modem passed away. Yes, that modem, and sense I had a sense of humor I called AT&T to see if they can do anything about it and luckily the representative was professional and calm he immediately transferred my call to the internet tech service to get it fixed right away. Thank God Dude, the sooner the better!

   After speaking the other representative that deals with this situation he gave me time slots when it was available. After making the appointment, he kindly gave me his name the pass code number and a new account number with this process. So, on Friday the 13th (oh my...) not that I'm scared and I love superstitions and positive aspects!!! The tech came in and I must say that my parents & I are so grateful to have this tech working and resolving our issue not because his profession but his personality was very positive and kind. It did take about 2-4 hours because they had to literally upgrade it (I think it's called digital fiber optics from what I can recall...) and the tech Dan (that's his alias to protect his identity) even fixed the dangling phone jack cord on the outside. What I was impressed was he even put a shoe cover slips while working inside the house where our computer was. Overall #SUPERGreatJob.

  Here's the part where this comes to play of patience is a virtue. The fact is I don't want to hear "oh what a poor girl or family who can't afford upgrade" B.S. Sure all of us as a family are on always tight budget, but that's what makes me personally strong, wait is a process that I know what is worth and really save money or spending. For almost a decade, we have gotten the AT&T valued customer to go ahead to upgrade U-verse or digital TV and blah blah blah. I could careless, and it was time to upgrade the time was right on. Besides, I was like well, it's 2017 and it was time to reboot the system and so it was all worth and it really made my day. Now I can use my smartphone with personal free Wi-Fi biatch!!!

  You know in general, life is all about what you really need and just wait. After all your wish will come to you like automatic karma. It only comes to people who are very simple and not so much wanting or materialistic. When it comes down spiritual philosophy aspect every situation has it's meaning and you as an individual human being must know why or question yourself. For those people who constantly change for a new iphone or upgrade not like it's ridiculous, it's really not necessary. iphone 7 we all want but I still love my iphone 6s and I am not changing my phone anytime soon until it's completely useless or I want to say it: R.I.P.

May God Bless You,

   Here is why I HATE customers who thinks they can get away with it. Well, as a loyal employer that focuses on customer service & care, I can careless of your twisted mentally, ill-educated mannerisms to provoke me or others just because you feel like entitled to. Guess what? Have any of you heard my pimp daddy called Karma yeah, I'm a strong believer of that Bad Kiss Ass and as well as God regardless of any religious beliefs. Y'all better be careful, because I'm a perfect divine bitch who has an ability to see through your retarded emotional attention need. Let me tell you something, I'm customer as well when I'm not working SO, you better work on your fucked up attitude of yours and STOP blaming on stupid shit on me and my crew for something we clearly didn't do but yourselves. I speak on behalf of those who not only agrees with me but understands their rights as employees rights to protect & self-defense.

  This goes out to few particular people that literally has to fucking yak, yak  at me in incoherent stupid comments about my company and a cheap speech about quote "Do Your Job Right." Well, first of all you sound like Anti-America and Pro-Isis who purchased to pack of cigarettes (and good luck on smoking, hope you get lung cancer for your hypocrisy view of America). With your tall height, with shades on and a white cap not only your suspicious but also, I assume you voted for Hellary Rotten Clinton. You make shit comments about my country, GET THE FUCK OUT. WE the proud people who supported #MAGA God DJT is going to make sure to settle straight people like you and morons out there that literally fucked this great nation.

  Second customer not so gentleman for his age which I was appalled by his old age acted like 5 year old STILL wearing diapers, blames me all because his previous customer had price check (which he did not read the special price tag in detail or took the time to read it carefully) for forgetting how to pay his transaction. Oh, BOO HOO seriously hairy chested Dude, wearing your gold-digger necklace of Manta Ray shaped pendent, GET YOUR LIFE IRONED OUT. Another stupid move he does is he takes the pinpad pen & gets ready to sigh when he didn't put his card into chip insert of it. I sincerely tell him that he needs to put his card into it, he then ironically questions me: "What card?" Come on Son-Of-A-BITCH, you know damn well what I'm talking about you Anthony Weiner the aged version douche. Very cute at the same time I really would love to smack that smart potty mouth of yours. This old man even snaps his fingers at me and commands me to "smile." WOW, what the fuck is your problem? I always smile to those who are sweet and sincere but most importantly the fact they have respect for themselves. Don;t you ever snap your finger and tell me what to do, you're not the BO$$ of me got it? Go fuck yourself on a Maserati with a bitch, you pervert who doesn't have any eloquence.

   Lastly, Walgreens has been teaming up with Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis since 2013. Recently the company is encouraging customer to donate $1, $3 or $5. It is not MANDATORY, it's customers free will to donate. I don't even want to hear your reasons about not donating. It's completely waste of time to listen your business. All you have to do is to say Yes or NO. Why do you or these consumes have to be so melodramatic about it. Like GEEEZ, this is not a psychological therapy talk session.

  You maybe off the job, retired, on a vacation or on your free time. I'm working in hustle mode, do yourselves a favor, I HATE customers who are stubborn democRATS or act like one. Provoking or even throwing stuff at us, harass or verbal altercation is NOT an excuse or your privilege to make-up stories by contacting corporate. The company will investigate on both sides. As always liars are going to be BUSTED and you no matter how damn right you are, God is on your eye. If any of you or future reference do that, mark my words you will be kicked out & arrested for your stupidity actions. Have nice day, and don't get it all TWISTED. BYE.

  First of all I would like to send condolences to the family & friends that were injured or killed in Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood International Airport on Thursday, January 6, 2017. It is very sad & heartbreaking for those who lost their lives because of a mentally-ill suspect who the authorities KNEW could not prevent more. This really sucks for this brand New Year week and now the relatives who lost their precious deceased ones into burial. 

  Second, this is New Year 2017 which means resolution. Do you have resolution? Rose who is famous in the Lauderdale By The Sea. A homeless, pure bald for a woman, maybe has done way too much on tanning on your skin? Who LOVES to talk, Talk, TALK! OMFG, like STFU honey. You know FYI you got a lot of nerve to harass me & my co-workers. Especially telling me that I have a bad attitude, that is the last straw my dear. You're nothing but a sad low life person who seems so smart & like knows everything but then you have to come at least 3 or more times at our store just to talk. Well, we have loyal customers that are BSOs so, you need to be on the lookout. I personally don't tolerate customers that they think they're entitled to use their leisure to harass or to verbally attack and I don't care what you reason is. For me I'm entitled to serve my customers who needs the essential shopping experience with respect and has respect for themselves. 

  You're just an embarrassment for yourself.

  Get a life. We are appalled for your immature ways.
  We don't need business from you.

   Thank-you but no thanks. Sorry not sorry at all.

Fuck you,

   As a professional costumer service employee, it's always important to assure costumers no matter how upset or not satisfied with their purchase; that is, if they are classy & calm. I'm going to tell you why as customer myself too don't act like a immature psycho like this woman acted today at the beautiful Lauderdale By The Sea in Walgreens. Now, you & I know it's yucky & sucks to get sick or not feeling well and as I said before I will keep saying it until I die: YOU, who acted like a real embarrassment to yourself, my dear, NOT entitled to bitch then yell like you were trapped in Lucifer's Asylum. If you were on a vacation or tourist from different city or state, stated "did not feel well or sick" then you wouldn't have gotten so damn fussy to angry. Such a hypocrite, approximately 5'0-1 (which by the way I could have easily KO'd you if we were in Super Bros Melee world), curly thick dark hair with such a dull light blue eyes. By the way, when you screamed at me like an ugly vicious viper you sure no different from Ted Bundy's glow of eyes, how lunatic. Haven't you heard to Keep Calm and Carry On? I guess not, because people especially females should act classy NOT overemotional pacifier cry baby loud mouth.

  The problem was I couldn't return ALL of her items for two main reasons: she did not have exact receipt except one AND my co-worker and I was new at doing the store-credit. In other words, I just started working in the beginning of grateful November. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be a guinea pig to bad customers just because I'm new & doesn't make her or others to fuck over my naive nature. It's very sad & disgusting how people can be nowadays, it really is and just goes to show you how uneducated these selfish people are. For her to not have patience when my other seniority co-worker is explaining to her in calm tone and yells at me & them, it's simply NOT right, period! So, she comes back later just as I leave after hard work, I hope she doesn't ever come back and she did not even apologize to me, pathetic maybe she's punished by this terrible sick because that's who she is: Selfish vain villain nature.

  Then I get these two male customers talking crap and one of them would like: "Do I need a bag for usb drive? Nah don't need it." In a stupid sarcastic tone, he could have simply said: "No thank-you." Then when I called for change because I owed him $60 in change, he said: "Yeah go ahead put on here in the counter so I could count." "Thanks for your primary concern." To me, that is WTF is your problem? You see like I mentioned before, these people or majority of them are very mentally sick and very twisted that they have to be sarcastic. Is is really hard to be simple and be normal in away where you can be at least have a hint of grateful? No you don't because it's I'm a customer and entitled to be twisted because your nothing.
What these majority of pathetic people don't know is that I'm a tough cookie, you don't know me or what I had to go through and where I stand so don't even bother to dull my pride on what I do. You are no special like Marbolo Special Blend 100s.

  Also, I had a 30's customer who purchased few candies and an American Spirit brand. When I asked him for his ID which is store policy, he would go into ADHD conversation told me: "I was eighteen when they took my Driver's License picture at that time." Pointing at the photo, okay, so what. What do you want for me to say oh, you look so damn young and gorgeous? STFU and take a hike, lone wolf. People who talk like that are so annoying I bet they have the crave to get an attention. Also, he clearly told me for Light BLeu American Spirit and when I brought it to me in 0.05 second tells me "No, I said Light Green." Hell no, if you think I'm that retard think again & don't play. I'm not even deaf (if he thinks I was then he is out of his mind and very rude of him) if there is anybody who would do that to me then I will give them and send them to my manager or checkout other register because I don't waste my time & energy to dumb numb zombie idiots like him: not a gentleman and a pure 100% douche.

   Then another customer, who didn't even tell me what's hers at my checkout station tells me immediately: "Oh no, those gums are mine." Of course I should have said something; for example, "Separate? or Together?" The previous customer didn't said anything not his fault and things can happen like that but it's what she said to him and it made me disgusted of how she assumed he was taking items from her. Well, you should have no yik yaked at your partner or friend there my dear. She talks to him in Spanish then sarcastically says like these Hispanics or Latinos are "thieves." Really I was just appalled by her nasty comment and says to me that is was "sense of humor." Honey, there is no humor at all in there; rather it's poor shit humor from your distasteful character.

   If you were to ask me: "Do you like your job?" HELL THE FUCK YES. At least I'm grateful to have a job that deals people who deserve to get cared and beautified. The environment is positive, it's how people comes in and get it all twisted then talks to you like, "There, are fucking happy" attitude. No need negativity or your miserable life behavior just because your customer. Just because you are a customer, you are NOT always right. You do have a right to correct our mistaken charge or incorrect price charge but NEVER right to talk ill-educated mouths to me & others. Only loyal frequent & pleasant customers are welcome ALWAYS because of there positive, bright vibes that brings good flow in our business. You rarely get these people whether customers or even worse employees or both in Japan. Sorry, but it's cultural & DNA difference really. But even though I have quality of nature to keep things calm or neutral, never ever underestimate by my sensitive, cute, innocence, delicate, sweet nature. Because I consider like analogy of a character from Supernatural Lucifer. You get what you deserve and lastly & always Karma &/or God exists Assholes. Don't like it? To bad and remember on how you treat people next time, because if your unlucky you will never know what happens to you automatically.

As always, make sure you straighten your common sense. You are who you are, look in yourself in a mirror every single day. It will surprise you of your nature from in to out. I know who I am and I know that I am on a right track of what my mission & building my philosophy that someday will awaken my inner senses & help others who need my help. I will not help to those who don't know how to "suck it up" or "wake up."


   When it comes to working & helping with customers is a rewarding experience not just for promoting good business flow but an outreach for the community. Myself and other team crew are doing the best to help out costumers who has questions and assistance of certain products. As a new member I always do my darn hardest to help you. But don't get it all twisted and tricky on me for I am not your therapist absorbing sponge. Trust me I can have many issues and have ugly days but there are certain place & time to "suck it up" and putting it aside. It's not me as a staff, you're also creating disturbance for other loyal customers and negative vibe which no ones needed for that. 

  Just yesterday, I had a customer, an elderly woman wearing a nice outfit of light lavender purple & a bright white pants. I was in the aisle of the dental care area, she came up to me and asked me where was the refill brush replacement of Philips sonicare. So, I gladly pointed at where it was exactly. To make it more easier for her I asked her if she knew what type of Philips sonicare brush replacement she was looking for, since there was 3 of them or there could be more depending what availability we have. Then she hands me a brush replacement she was holding & I placed it back where it belonged and told me: "I was no help at all." OUCH! So I told "well, sorry I couldn't help you any further."

  Actually, I wasn't sorry at all. This is another or main reason why Customer is NOT always right. This particular customer was negative and hypocrite. It's sad to say but that is the truth and I like to be honest of what I need to state; especially, to all other customers that think they're entitled to come in and attack with an attitude of "I'm right damn it." You are right, but not right to get bitchy or fussy for something that I or other staff &/or managers are trying to help you. Personally, I could simply just ignore you but I didn't because as a pure soul or as Right Wing status that is not how I treat my customers who deserves respect. But you my dear, will not get my respect nor serve you the next time, I can get my manger or other employee to help if whenever you come and visit. 

  I am done with people who acts like a real life size stubborn 5 year old kid who wants every toy in the whole white world. I am very straight and bluntly honest in clean cut attitude. I'm not intimidated by your behavior or how you speak to me. I simply won't tolerate it neither does my team crew and other welcoming customers. 

   Lastly, to end this blog to my dear lady. I feel very pity for you, once you told me in cold-hearted response of I am no help at all. You are wrong, I even asked you further to see if it was the item you were looking for that we had in stock but you're the one who didn't even answer so, that is your loss. I'm appalled by your maturity, I guess you never changed in all these years. Instead you have to be very bitter when you're in stage of wisdomatic age. What a sad old woman you are, I had a customer that I helped and she was probably same age as you are but she was not bitchy as you. The only difference was individual's soul: one was not pure and the other was pure as radiant of shiny star. 

As always to all of you take-care and be well. And May God Bless who are glory of His presence.

    I take pride on what I do, even if I'm new I take on challenges and fulfill in professional & classy cattitude. I'm proud to be in an environment that deals with beauty but always with support of positive & caring co-workers. Walgreens strive for customers who deserves the need of assistance when it comes to finding an item or questions of a product. But we as employers AND the company must understand: Customers are NOT always right. Don't get me wrong, I'm customer myself but I'll never get an twisted or get sarcastic just for misunderstood about one tiny bit thing. Either way, treat the way you want to be treated. This my personal message to a customer who got more issues than vogue.

  First of all, you seem like retired in your late 60's to early 70's who was at the cosmetics counter to check out then asked me about Essie product of a color called Fed Up. Well, I would like to sincerely apologize for my confusion but not entirely sorry about it. In other words, I take my apology and then change it to sorry for your behavior of how you reacted towards me. I'm going to say my part that when you work, especially for a new employee like myself which by the way I don't know if you looked closely or carefully enough I have a sticker that says: In Training. 

  Secondly, you sarcastically question me about "Do you know what Essie is?" To answer it, the Hell Yes I do. My question to back at you is "Do you know the history of the product?" I will strongly assume you don't, why I would say that? Because an elderly person like you specifically, has a nerve and who I think should be a mature and respectful person don't have respect to yourself & others. That comes along with high-class mannerism but unfortunately you lack of it. I pity for your misery my dear. So, let me tell you what Essie is. Essie is America's Nail Salon Expert since 1981. In 1982 is big in Japan! Yeah baby, so proud to be Japanese! At least I don't have white problems like you do; although, I do have lovely friends who are caucasians but the don't act like a real bitch like you, thank goodness and may God Bless of their true pure soul. Going back to 1982 history lecture the company was also big in other countries like England, France and etc. 1983 First Celeb Crush: Joan Rivers, announced on Tonight Show wearing color Jelly Apple. And I could go on but you don't need to know since you talk like a smarty mouth temper.

   Lastly, your final comment to me: "What did you think I was talking about or speaking in?" Honey, you seriously got some twisted message that crossed the line. I maybe new and naive but just because you're costumer doesn't serve you the right to get so plaster saint. I'm not saying this as an excuse but when you're working over night shift, going to school to get a degree and showing nothing but courteously while being very tired is a challenge for me to hustle. At times I must admit during the day my brains get fried up which means once in awhile I'll have my "what? I'm sorry what is your question again?" moment. Nobody is automatic perfect. I guess you're too focused on yourself and raised in a poor spoiled brat ways you never learned patience and elegance. That's okay, I don't let people like you and same goes to other customers who thinks they have the right to bigot at employees and get all twisted in a flavor of stupidity.

   To garnish it, it was too bad there wasn't a Fed Up color available of your visit but at the same time I'm glad. That was your karma, bitch. Also, thank-you for shopping at Walgreens, we truly appreciate your business but not your ironic persona. Take care and please POSITIVE VIBES only. Have a fabulous day BYE.


+Rouge_ Teddy should be self proclaimed the BITCH. So proud of you moron and nice try.

Don't even bother to comment more BullShit comments you fucking troll. It seems like you're a typical sick or ill-mental liberal got nothing to do but to vomit along with your fucking partner +NuclearBosnian. People like you have not learned nor always will be a retard because all you do subscribe, troll, BITCH, HARASS, eat shit, sleep, login, etc & REPEAT. You don't like what +The Michael Anderson Show says or I comment is fine I'M ENTITLED my opinion jack ass. I dare you say that to your Mom like that. Oh, yeah that's right you can't, GOOD choice. You should know better, Reaper Teddy democrap asshole. Majority of you liberals and protesters are EMOtional freaks. Sad thing is that you are low educated poor idiot who never learns and don't read a fucking book. I don't give a shit if you vote for her which isn't surprising because you do look like her only in penis male version. 

FUCK OFF brat. 

Oh, here is my advice to you. If I was a superior gorgeous HACKER. I will go beyond that you would not imagine. You need to back off, hopefully this is a lesson and to other morons out there. DON'T TREAD ON ME. I ain't your whore bitch, I am a witch, student, nerd AND aspiring Philosopher. Usually I keep my mouth quiet, because you know what they say: "Silence is Golden." Oh it's fine golden alright, but then I don't tolerate assholes like you to walk other me & get raped by your hideous BITCH comments like you fugly. You are NOT my parent(s), BO$$ or some kind of clan leader. You are NOT special or people like Trump, Mike Pence, Diamond & Silk, David Clark Jr., Commander-In-Chief or Navy SEALS & other heroic veterans. When you tell people to Shut The Fuck Up all because you hate it, doesn't make you a hero shit face. You got some nerve to to me or others to stfu, and if you were right there physically and say that along with your stupid physical attacks I will GLADLY shoot you with my 2nd Amendment Rights, prick.

Thanks for wasting my time, No, you wasted your time to Tom Peep what I needed to say. So, go fuck yourself CUNT fucker!!! Have a nice life comment Jack Ass Pancake flapper. 

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