As many of you know that by law and for protection as a driver, homeowner you have to some security blanket to protect you, your family and your essentials. Some of you may not have insurance well, good luck to you and I hope you don't get screwed up by idiots and natural disasters. Putting that aside, I want to share you my opinions and why you should do the same but not with same company insurances. This past Summer a good financial analyst welcomed & introduced us to the company he works for after he helped my parents pension from Japan (like retirement) by processing the information through wire transfer. We went to the company switched our Allstate for my Dad has been over 30 years Loyal costumer and never went down as they said they would. Here is why we as a family and being a safe driver are fed up with this agent: unprofessional, sarcasm with hint of bitchness and lack of communication. We also felt they enjoyed to poke fun of us due to race but I don't give a damn because we are & always proud to be who we are so, fuck you Grady and Denise. Both of you are liars and hypocrites. Too bad you lost your primary loyal costumer, my Father.

 I'm in my age where I'm done my teen years and matured adult student. I have been a well-behaved that you actually don't see here in South Florida. I always try to be careful, follow the rules and do not text and speed. It's sad that we pay, as family for over $330 and never goes down, NEVER. Sure, we did get discounts as good driver policy but still over $330; it's bullshit. So we decided to move on, time to change and switched to Progressive. We're glad that we did this because it saved us about $150 and gave us opportunity to look into our account through website (paperless). Recently we received a program called Snapshot where it's a device that you plug into your vehicle for 6 months. Then during those six months it records how well and safe you drive without so many hard brakes. After six months is the results if we can save more depending our driving mode. I mean it's a fair deal and Progressive have shown us there is chance to save and opportunity on how to save. Allstate and more specifically the agents was pathetic and seemed like she refused to give us discounts. Bitch I hope you get more costumers come into your office then again why would be coming back to you or any other Allstate. Why don't you do yourself a favor Allstate agents: change your you're in good hands into more like Progressive. Good Luck on your business.

 Lastly, starting tomorrow I'm going to drive to school and it's about 35 minutes to get there depending traffic times. I don't like to jinx but I'm so lucky that I haven't had any car accidents and that I keep good safety habits while handling the wheel. Lets face it, when you handle the wheel, your life depends on it. I'm ready for challenge of not only snapshot program but to change when it's necessary. You too can make courage and a big difference to just look around and save some money. As well as how the company and/or agent itself treat you. Your money or whether your parents help you financially is hard-earned maney that you or they worked for. Plus being a safe driver, yes, you deserve a lot better rate for the cost of protection.

 So, stop being afraid to get a quote. Just do it as Nike would say. Do your homework, research and trust. You can get better service and payment by shopping around. Being good, working hard you truly deserve a break of high payment hassles.


 So my Fall Semester started yesterday, it was good to see my former classmates/friends around the campus. This term I'm at two different campuses, which is great opportunity to change the routine around a bit. Today, I am taking part 2 of Physics with the same professor because few reasons: he is funny, his course is easy to pass but I need to study about it and he teaches the way making us understand by pieces. It was great to see him again and it seemed like a long ago of my Endless Summer Days. However, I am a bit annoyed about his little problem like his personal life about his family. I mean its okay but private is private unless if you're willing to take risks by sharing in these days of madness by idiots, stalkers or who knows jealous people who just loves to make your life a living full of shit. 

 With all due respect for this professor, I know he is very kind gentleman. But insane and have to be, because Ph.D human beings for the most part are either highly intellectualized or coo coo. I'm pretty sure we go through some pressures, stress and worry how we are doing in our routine lives. I understand because I go through a lot has been and will always be as long I live in this world. For him to spill out about his family is not good at all, I don't EVER tell about my family and/ or personal life because it's none of anyone business and I want to be safe against I want to know wannabes or disgusting stalkers. I do share about it with my closet friends. He needs to sometimes STFU about his happily ever after family life and just focus on teaching students along with his funny jokes. 

 I don't know what's got into me but I think it's time for to act like a mature, cool bitch who don't give a flying fuck about your luxurious life and how much you love the Victoria's Secret silk undies. Come to think of it, I think it was wrong to look into my LinkedIn profile. I don't why I said that but looking at my profile twice, yes it was twice, at first I was surprised but then again you'e just like a lone stalker who wants to know everything because you have the right to since you're highly intellectualized gerbil, country from famous chocolate Godiva and loves to be drunk alcoholic. Seriously, knock it off. I actually was not all that happy with your lectures today. Wake-up and smell a calm down a bit Dr. 'Seriously' PhysicSicko.


Dear Everyone,

 As you may heard from the Media World, Robin Williams has passed away at 63. I want to write about this blog because even though I never met him as a person (or I wish I had) but I know I'll meet him on the other side. I had never known this could happen personally for myself because I am deeply sad and shock at the same time. I can't believe it still... it's like he seemed so energetic but this is just so unbelievable why? It didn't seemed like he had depression as the sources stated recently. But it's not surprising to even get or diagnosed with depression since there are many ways to get it and types to handle the never ending sad illness. I maybe even have depression because of many reasons like the innocent civilians getting killed in Gaza. Passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killed by the Russians rebels missiles. Any so many tragedies that it reminds so many times that life is very precious & yet fragile. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may not realize it but if you were me you can't even bitch or complain or become less asshole. That's up to you, and just because I grieve doesn't mean that I'm weak or I lack of tears doesn't make you right to assume that sociopath. I have a real heart that beats ever since I was born into this world and took a first breath. I know and understand how it feels like to lose someone dear. But person like him, Robin Roberts, is devastating because he was a true sincere, bright man no what the age is, he was the one who made me smile when I was stubbornly mad as a child, he was the one made me laugh when I was sad. There is no one could ever replace like his sweet, warm smile, a smile that he left us so many that we will never forget.

 Robin Williams, thank-you so much for making me feel free, smile and laugh. God Blessed your positive vibes to spread the need. I hope I get to meet you someday on the Other Side and many famous people too. Until I complete my mission, get old, hopefully happily married have kids and grandchildren, and do many things what I love and care for as humanity for all kinds then I will meet you as a fan. For now Rest In Peace Ms. Doubtfire!

From forever young soul,

This is to the young couple that shopped at Publix at the Coral Ridge Mall,

 BOTH of you should be ashamed and embarrassed for your impatient and absurd comments when you guys walked out at the Publix Entrance. Fuck you, for blaming and bitching at my Mother. She has done nothing wrong to you guys and yet you the male that looks like Latino wore black shirt and to the female with bitchy attitude with your wild red & super curly hair; are psychos and ugly. I mean, I really don't get it, it's not like she forced you to stop but at the same time it's NOT A BIG DEAL TO WAIT for a minute. I really don't give a fuck about your time since you guys have never seen your own true nature of who you are. Why don't you guys do yourselves a favor and use a mirror and say that to yourselves or better yet, how would you feel if some ass hole said that to you like that? I bet you would feel angry and probably in both of your personality beat  the living daylights of him or her for it. 

 You know it's kind of sad and stupid that couples and/or people who don't have patience are nothing but selfish and lack of morals. Which should make you feel poor educated morons who never learned to have respect and possibly your parents or whoever raised you were too busy watching porns and careless on whatever you did and how you acted towards people. In other words you couples who are personally on my shit list are nothing but load of more shit and piece of virus that is incurable. Try go at Whole Foods and say exactly what you have said to us, you know that sarcasm shit quotes: " Wow, lets wait FOREVER! People getting in our way." I highly recommend or better yet, DARE both of you to say that to other people in public loud as you can at Whole Foods and I'm sure that costumers (like myself, for example) will give you that WTF glare look. Because that's what other people felt when both of you walked out as if you guys have the authority to be treated like monarchy. Please, get a life and iron your cockiness but never that I'm sure both of your asses will be kicked so hard by another type like you guys that are more fed up by your selfishness attitude. 

 To be honest, I'm one of those people who don't give a shit and instead smiles so brightly that it makes people go blind and confused. Today was not one of those days, hey, I can't help it because I have like any other females have moody 28 days of cycle bitch mode. Yeah, I have excuses for a good damn reason and that is to right to bitch back, protect MY rights to live freely and yes, I'm an American so don't give that discrimination attack of yours and lastly, I was Born This Way to walk proud and be brave for what I stand for. So, to the un-gentleman and bitch, if I ever see you guys at Publix or anywhere else, don't even bother to apologize and keep preaching sarcasm of yours towards against elderly disrespect because someday when you guys get older you will hit back you and it will be a sweet revenge for us.

Have a fucked up life, JERKS!

To my Dear Readers of my blog,

 Here some facts about me that I would like to share. As an open-minded person, there are times I would like to share some things about myself ( not too much) but I'm sure they're many curious. So sit back & I hope get to know me. If you get to know me as a person well, hey! It would be a greatest moment or if you do something reckless then I can guarantee you it won't be pleasant when you get back to your home...

1. I am a Leo.
2. I pure-bred Japanese.
3. I was born & raised in Florida.
4. Number from 1-3 I am SO Proud of who I am.
5. I am afraid of death.
6. I am strong believer in God, regardless of any religion.
7. I do believe in miracles.
8. Hope is gifted word.
9. I wear sunglasses for two reasons: to be cool & protect form      harm sun rays (prevent cataracts, production of melanoma).
10. Being Elegant is my #1 policy.
11. I don't usually curse or swear unless I am so angry & fed up     with it (or others would say PISSED OFF).
12. I act like Forever21 Lol!
13. I love learning new things especially words that are not        commonly used.
14. 100% Japanese or Half-Japanese it doesn't matter; if you        can't use chopsticks correctly then you are NOT Japanese.
15. I'm partially psychic in a way.
16. I love driving in safe manner.
17. I HATE majority of Floridian Drivers in these days; rude,        don't follow the rules and STOP texting!
18. I HATE to lie therefore I am very darn honest.
19. When I tell the truth (bluntly), I'll say it straight forward    to a point it might make you either shock or cry.
20. When people disrespect me in any way, shape or form; Karma is    my power so, better think twice.
21. Greek Alphabet is so Ancient and Mystical.
22. I still and always feel like 18 years old.
23. I love to workout (in moderation).
24. I can be perfectionist Bitch.
25. There are more than 25 Random facts about me!

 Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned for more, until next time.

Have a Great & Safe Weekend,

 Okay, lets face it, you are not alone. We are SO DAMN tired of these telemarketers and especially people who can't even leave a message with a complete sentence. It's becoming useless of these people who are trying to reach out but doesn't leave anything and/or any reason of why and what for. Recently, we received a message from a man who wanted to speak to my parents but did not leave any phone number to call back and what it was for. Seriously, whoever you are sir, you have a possible of What The Eff communication therefore lack of what you are trying to say.

 Listen every one who has curious and interested in my blogs that I post once in a while. Do NOT and I mean DO NOT even carry on the conversation that you know deep in your gut instinct sounds like a prank or scam. Immediately hang up on that stranger, even it's hard for you because you are simply don't want to be rude, just simply hang up. Also, going back to Mr. "Who didn't leave any details but stated wants to talk to my parents." Tough Luck, because they don't have to and won't call you due to following reasons:
- You didn't include your name & who you work for.
- Didn't leave any detailed message so, what was the point of calling.
- Most importantly, you forgot the contact phone number.

 How can they call you back when you want to speak to them with out leaving at least the phone number? In these days we only can expect phone calls when something is urgent or know who is calling us depending on situations. With that said, I had one specific caller from Humana Insurance company calling for Michael Dallet or Dallas. It was not only getting on my nerves and annoyance every time they called us but I was fed up so I wrote them a letter to knock it off and open their eyes, smell & drink some caffeine. Because I am concerned for Mr. Michael Dallet or Dallas for he is not getting the message. I even had a Humana representative gave me the number ( by the way, it was not even the actual Humana Phone Number but it was United Healthcare) & her correct ext number. Not only I found it outrageous but very stupid for her to work in Humana or any company because she made a stupid mistake and wrong number that she works for and gave me another company number. 

 That is why for every one's benefit, you better make sure for YOURSELF. Trust your instinct and if it sounds not familiar and seems suspicious turn it around. Simply hang-up. Or you can tell them you are not interested and if they have a nerve to threaten you then record it and file a law suit for evidence. It is a harassment and you to the callers who has nothing better to do because you sit your ass down company. Get a grip and a life and work for something you can make a difference or something that will distract your senses. I don't deal callers that sounds like lack of info and useless. Have a great day and don't ever contact us again. 


 So, apparently I did that 2-StepVerification Security thing on Google. And I am going to be straight and be very honest about it, it's pain in the neurological senses to all of your body! I mean I always put on a thought on setting it up and I did it recently and just immediately stopped it because it's nerve racking every time whenever I want to log in to my Google account. You might be thinking well, then why did even bother setting it up? I was just curious and then I was like "naahh, forget this, I am through with your silly games."

 But don't worry it's not like I'm going to delete my beloved Google account. The only thing I need to do is to make sure at least, I mean AT LEAST once in a while to update my password that's for sure. Ans speaking about password, PLEASE do yourself a favor don't use passwords that are easily accessible. And you know what I'm talking bout so, don't be stupid while giving me a tilted one side like a pooch. I know that recently and I don't recall their names but they are celebrities and they were two people got hacked on their Twitter account by using their pet's name. I do feel sorry and that feeling of "that sucks" moment but at a same time that is very selfish of them and I hope they can be clever and creative the next time they make a new password. 

 Also, another different safety cyber tip: STOP being fooled by these impostors who asks your info like SSN and/or credit card number. Same goes for suspicious mails too, every year when you do taxes you have to be careful because if you don't keep track of your personal information then not only you're screwed but it's going to pain in the ass to retrieve and catch a criminal who ruined your financial life. Luckily we never had a problem but that doesn't make us our guard down. If you know someone that you trust or expected to ask your information then do so but other than that don't. I mean it's really common sense, trust your instincts its never wrong. 

 It's sad that so many people are addicted to earning a lot more and more and more of money because its not just a fame trend but what they want not need. Then you have these people who will risk their life even if they get caught to steal money from accounts or physically robbing them. I can never imagine myself or the people that I am only close to will do such a thing because we only believe in value of simplicity, respect and focus on what is important for the future. 

 However, never ever turn back on your precious sixth sense and I mean that gut feeling. I can never stress enough to the people I know or even kind strangers that you need to build a circle that you can count on and don't waste your time on being popular. There are people who are sick an illness of jealously, rage and hatred. These negative beings will do anything to make your life miserable and even piss you off. I don't like to jinx but most of the time it doesn't effect me because everyday I do an affirmation or most commonly ritual a prayer by surrounding myself a holy light from God's love and Mother' Nature's positive energy wrapped around me and light an incense asking Him that if any harm or an entity that is negative is trying to hurt me will be blocked off immediately and only Positive is welcome anytime and anywhere.  

 You don't need to be religious, just believe and focus on your goodness and spread it out. Don't forget the common sense and your instincts. Always be sure maintenance your cyber activities especially your accounts whether it's emails, personal accounts and/or Social Networking. Lastly, don't use passwords like: 123456..., abcdefg... your phone number, SSN and etc. you can do better and you are not stupid.

Take care and have a wonderful week!


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