Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well and hanging tight on grips of positive vibes! I'm hanging on it too, no matter how pissed off I can depending on my mood and on how not to mess with me or other good, innocent people. So, here is my truthful rant on particularly two main assholes that occurred this past afternoon. One event was after class in Davie. The other was at Lauderdale By The Sea.

  At Davie, I was on my way at the bank where I withdraw some money once or twice every month. When I got to the intersection of Nova Drive & College Avenue, some jerk or an asshole got a nerve & very courageous of him in stupid choice to honk at me for approximately 5 seconds. Dude, seriously, FUCK YOU! You have no right, NO RIGHT TO HONK AT ME. You are one son-of-a-bitch and it's a good thing you were scared of me because if I had gun and even bothered me more I'll shoot all of your fucking rubber tires. You are a fucking retard to force me to go faster when I'm responsible for my life and safety on the road. Don't you ever do that again and as a karma with lesson, I hope someday you get into an accident and learn your fate. Shame on you, for pushing me to go faster while I was doing my part to make sure there was no coming at the other side. Go Fuck yourself, you poor retarded dick. Have a stupid and nice life.

  Second event, ahhh the nice place in Lauderdale  By The Sea. I was at SunTrust to withdraw some money which I go there once or twice a month. All of a sudden, ans it's not surprising but there is poor, white man on a golf art charging $5 for parking. Now, don't get me wrong, we're human being and got to make a living. But this is out of picture, instead this motherfucker is rude, stalker and he thinks he is a smart ass. Well, guess what douche bag, you may think and act like you don't remember me but I know in your shitty mind you do. You know I go there and park that's supposed to be SunTrust parking NOT yours. Don;t you ever gesture me and talk to me on where to park you fucking, knocked out, missing teeth dick head. And I talked to you in pure English not broken English, so don't play games with and act all cute. I told the everybody works in the SunTrust. Have a nice and an Alzheimer's life. You are one puny worker, go work at publix or a liquor store. People like you got no value of living and at least the homeless got guts, wisdom and everlasting kindness. Get a reality check dumbass.



Dear Readers, Bloggers or whoever & wherever you are,

   I hope you had a wonderful, Yummy in your Tummy feast from Thanksgiving. I know I did, luckily because of my new evolved metabolism I'm well control of my weight (thank goodness). Since most of us have to go back to business of working tomorrow, this is a few reviews of a reminder for those who thinks they can twist their fucked up minds & games when I'm driving on a road and working with patients: don't try my patience and kindness because Karma exists 24/7. 

  One of my favorite hobbies is to drive but not in cocky, lunatic manner like the majority of drivers out there who would want to risk their lives because they're filled with stupidity & don't know how to chillax. Seriously, lady vixens and genital dickheads, calm the fuck down. It's very simple of what the issue is, it's called your problem along with time management. If you are in a hurry because you're going to be fucking late for your class &/or work or what ever the fuck it is then you road ragers should have woken up and smell & drink a cup of coffee in the early morning. Maybe if you cut down your time of looking or staring at the fucking laptop or smart phones at night, then you could have saved your precious hormone Melatonin your sleeping aid. By doing that, you wouldn't have to be so grouchy, horny or bitchy at me or other platinum safe drivers out there because you can't simply control of your shitty issues. On the other half asshole drivers who are to fucking busy with your texting (or sexting because you're too desperate to get fucked) then fucking pull over at a parking lot and then do what you need to do. People like me are fed up of your stupid excuses and think that you have a right to lash out because everything is not going as planned in your own little retarded world. It's kind of sad that people are becoming more out of it and go into unexplainable rage and to make it worse, attack on minorities by garnishing hatred. Especially the outrageous mentally-ill gun users who has a nerve to threaten people's fragile lives, you are one of son of a devil and may God strike you down in mercy for messing his precious beautiful variety of background human race. So, for any of you tailgating me and cut in front of in a near close; FUCK YOU. Don't you ever do it again and I hope you get into a horrible car crash to a point that it nearly fatally wounds you for a lesson.

  Working with patients is a job for me that I love to do in a ophthalmology office that specially deals with retinal diseases. Most of the patients are in golden, wisdomatic years and very good people. But unfortunately, we do get yucky patients who are sad, pathetic and mean idiots because they can't be grateful and appreciate the fact that we the staff are there to help them out. I call these old hags or ugly douche bags the jerks. Just because I'm young, have decent beautiful skin, proud Asian a purebred Japanese does not make you the right to attack me verbally. Don't know your problem is folks but I'm and other staff are here to listen, help and RESPECT you. You see I'm a strong believer & supporter of patients comes first, no matter what and at the same time if you act like a real retard and disrespect by twisting it with your ugly demonized personality, you are messing with the wrong place and we don't deal with that. Even the doctors don't deal with that either so you can take your pity and bark it somewhere else, understand? Also, some of you think you are there to interview and try to get some insights all about me. Sorry, this is about you and it's none of business about me that's called my privacy rights. We only meet for the first time and I will ONLY share my FYIs if you are well-behaved and don't behave like a emotional reck of needy attention. Other tha that lets not take time to socialize because we take care a lot of patients and I have better things to do like learning new gadgets while work. 

  Thank-you for reading my stress released rants of my daily routine life. Again, don't make me say I told you so, because I have been honest of how I deal and what I really hate the most assholes that I have to deal with because they are just too many of them take too much shit food, poor & ill-educated and even worse so retarded.

The best immortal,


Dear Readers &/or strangers that reads my blog,

   It's been a miniature while since I blogged about this cold patient lady who is nothing but pathetic & sad asshole. I have been busy as a bumble bee but can't complain because I really am grateful that I found something that I really searched for: a job as a technician in a clinical office. The clinical office that I work for deals with retinal diseases that elderly and rare times young people have conditions that unfortunately there is no cure for; for example AMD (Age-Macular Degeneration). I happened to be lucky, and thinking back if I didn't go with my Dad to care of him, his retina specialist doctor would probably not have mentioned it to my Dad. Because my Dad has been a patient where I work for a while now, his ophthalmologist is really & truly a great man. Even and still currently employed status at Abercrombie & Fitch they wouldn't give me time that I made for schedule availability, especially during the summer. 

   Working as a technician is not only working hard but at the same time it made me educated & learn new ways on how to deal with patients by psychology perspective. Working & Learning in a job is not only great but keeps my mind sharp and challenge certain individuals in professional manner. Especially working with doctors are pretty darn awesome. I'm also thankful that about a week ago, I was hit by a car by some guy who was in a rush to go to work. Luckily I was okay and the driver was very apologetic & even admitted that it was his fault. So, by the time I called the police he even mentioned about it to the officer and I was ended up not owing any dime &/or rate increase on our auto insurance. So glad we switched to Progressive, they made it very easy and the service was superiorly EXCELLENT.

   Pretty much that's what I'm grateful for. I also want to give thanks to my co-workers, my family & friends for their gifted kindness to me & to my parents. I can't stress this enough but being well, staying positive and always having a privilege to say have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all who are compassionate, understanding and caring. Lastly, if you can't appreciate for what you have then that is very sad of you. So sad that you can't even see what is very important/ 

From, Vampress

   It is an honor and rewarding to work an environment that is meaningful & educational at the same time. The place that I work at is a clinical office that specializes retina or more specifically retinal diseases with amazing & caring 11 physicians or retina specialists. As a technician it's interesting meeting new, old and currently as needed patients. I do love my job and I can't complain because I was offered a job from one of those physicians who takes care of my Father twice a year for routine retina check-up. I felt very honored and forever grateful to him, if it wasn't for him offering me job I could have ended unemployed with mild depression. I still have depression but at the same time I have guts, and to suck it up act like POW veterans to do whatever it takes even if I have physical activity limits. I'm a strong believer in patients come first rule but that doesn't make you, Corrine Lyon, the right to challenge me with your cockiness: "Boca Rich Bitch club" attitude towards me. The same goes to anyone especially this other patient with her husband for the follow up (or FU) check which I refused to work up with either of them because of their selfishness & their mean ugly faces from their personality because it's rotted. It's funny how karma is easy and instant because Doris Nayman who is her name had gotten injury which I don't know why or how she got hurt and I swear did she even gotten smaller? Anyways, she had a cast and a supporter to keep her balanced while walking, ladies & gentlemen, always be warned by your mannerism because if you don't have eloquence then you better make it up whether you like it now. No whining & bitching time and suck it up.
   You see, Corrine Lyon you're name means "beautiful maiden" you were beautiful of what you wore today as fashionista sense but that turned a sour note when you gradually showed your true ignorance. When I asked your medication like that codeine you kept confusing with it tylenol. First, you said it's Codeine and it's tylenol but when I confirmed it then you said it separately. That's just a warm up of your hypocrisy, then you were all like "aren't I good at memorizing?" Yeah, for your age but whatever, what? You want compliment & attention then go on The View TV Show, I don't care how smart or straight A's you had in your puberty years. Then on the visual acuity, you said something about "it looked like a chinese letters." I'm not Chinese, doea my name sound like Chinese? The answer is NO, and ironically you even asked me what my name came from and I answered to you that it's Japanese. Maybe you need some hearing aide with improving your rotted brain with Omega 3 fatty acids. Also just when I about to to your eye pressure you had a nerve to henceforth over me about that I touched somewhere else with my gloves, sounded in a disgusted way. Well, I will go over you fat ass cunt, you could have simply asked me to change my gloves. Don't get all cocky at me just because you think you have the power to attack me because of my ethnicity.
   To be brutally honest I just felt so damn happy for you that you got your eye injection treatment on your OS eye. It sure hurt like a bitch didn't it? Even if you get numbed with novocaine you cry babied about burning and then I had to rinse your poor fragile eye. You still complained like a immature 7 year old kid and even 7 year olds are well behaved. Seriously, I don't even need a compliment from you sicko, psychotic old moron. You well deserved what you got today and I even added about you on the treatment notes stating: stubborn about hygiene & being a difficult patient.

So yeah, your fucking welcome devil's bitch,

Dear Sammy ASSAKO Jerk,

   I mean seriously, you unveiled of what you really are. You are nothing but a spoiled, manipulative, liar and most of all serious issues that you don't even probably realized but you only cared about yourself. Honey, I'm five years older but hell a lot more wiser than you and it seemed like you're too advanced smarty pants but never gotten the reality of being mature at place and time. You should be more caring to your mother when she is taking care of your Taro as well as Panda & Foxy. You are still a brat no matter how higher education you seem to go into for your vet future. I'm very disappointed by your attitude and the way you spoke to me today when I have two tests on the same day. Was that one of your plan? To make me feel bad & angry before the exam? I wonder how you got your bitchy personality. No wonder why you don't have any friends because you are too cocky about your opinions and can't even admit that I was right.

  Sure, I may not be an expert about mutts but I sure know at least few facts about it since I DO READ many books like geeks. Border Collie is a herding sheep genetically which means it is THE BEST SUITABLE for an environment like farms 7 days a week NOT in the apartment. Don't know why you brought up about German Shepherds because even thought they are herding dogs, as many years have passed by they have known to be assistance to guards and other enforces duty partner. So, maybe that is why intelligence attracted to your attention; that is why you kind of (in a way) can careless about your precious pomeranians. At the same time I find it hilarious that you sarcastically and criticize me that I'm not an expert but what about you? You're just learning and experiencing as a Vet Technician, you, my dear aren't ghost whisperer either. At least your Mother is since she know how to train all three of your pets and they listen to your mom than you. Get a grip, sweety. Nobody doesn't appreciate your higher standards if you lack respect yourself and your surroundings. 

   My mother even stated that you are a type of person that are stubborn and don't know how to help and appreciate what you have. I find it interesting that you became vegan and taking Human Morph when you don't even need or nothing is related to veterinarian. I feel like you just want ruin my and/or other reputation by treating yourself like you think everybody has to look up to you because you are worthy. Well, you are not worthy and just because you are taking Japanese course doesn't mean you understand at a bilingual state. No wonder why you're selfish too, by not saving me a seat when I always offered it to you with courteously. I was so fucking wrong to do that now I clearly recognized who you really are. You don't even care about your Mother who is drunk, you care about me when I showed you with highest respect but unfortunately that is gone, you think you're entitled to be the best future vet. Well, guess what I said without shame because Taro deserves to be at a place where he can move in a environment that he as genetically created.

  So case and point, I will just ignore you pretending we never known each other. Unfortunately, I'm glad to to say that I'm proud of who I am and lack of your selfish qualities. You have no compassion about helping others especially to your mother. I always help my mom, it's obvious to help to a person who gave birth to you in this world. I feel bad for you of you became. It's really sad, pity all the way. Don't you EVER talk to me until you have realized on how you acted or probably not because you are too American in stupid zone.

Have a nice fucking life.

To the patient Gary Miller who goes at the R. Grp. of Florida,

   Thanks for your sarcasm by my inexperienced and hired by a ophthalmologist who saved my Dad's sight. You are an old, hypocrite and a fat ass jerk. From now on, I'll make you wish come true because of your lack of respect. You may be a patient but I'm in a process of becoming a future doctor while working hard as a Technician. I don't need your stupid shit attitude and think like I need to be discouraged because I just trained about two weeks and trying my best to master everything that I need to work and will do as a C.O.A. So you and your wife can go fuck other people by continuing your ignorance. I also told to a patient before you because she seemed to "worry" because I was new. Experience comes from mistakes and from nothing, zilch, zero and work from scratch. What kind of experience do you have, Huh?

  This same goes to out idiots who happened to be patients whether you're seeing a ophthalmologist or other specialists: have some dignity and STFU. You may be old and retired but we young, and hungry people are striving to work hard, play hard and study hard. I bet when you started a career or beginning your first job you had no fucking idead on what to do but survived somehow. Well, I'm in that position too. BIG DEAL, it's fucking stupid to criticize another people because they are new and quickly judge because they seem the lack of performance. It's not because they're stupid and/or slacking, they're doing the best as they can to master the art in Tender. Love. Care. (T.L.C.)

   Like before I'm very DAMN Brutally Honest beautiful bitch. So, Gary "fucked up" Miller, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU FUCKING OLD POTTY IGNORANT GERM SON OF A BITCH. You and other stupid patients got a nerve to degrade other technicians and act all pretty in front of Doctors. We don't play games, I'm sure you have taken an eye pressure before and you sure don't know how to calm and relax. Fluttering your lids like you're flirting other people. Oh, yes, I did hear you talking about me you fucking white trash. So, make a note to the front people that you don't want an Asian tech to care, prepare for you before Doctor. Because the hell I don't want to see you again.

Have a unhealthy life,

Dear Mrs. initials of S.F. Japanese Teacher,

   Since you know English then I might as well bash you every inch what I really think about you. First, I hate you with passion because I know very well in my gut of soul, you are a sociopath Mother Fucker who is sad idiot. I cannot believe a Mother of two, one of them who has a borderline of Autism and calling him a "retard" in public. Thank God for your damn sake, you said it in Japanese because if I translated it in English, dude your ass will be viral fire. Then recently, you adopt a Border Collie Breed Dog and made a statement wishing it was dead soon. Wow, that is very heartless and fucking messed up to say out of your insanity potty mouth. Seriously, Mrs. S.F. What The Fuck is your problem? Most importantly, I don't ever think this way but why do you, or people like you exist? The only thing I will say and will say it again, karma is available 24/7. The thought of you makes me want to throw up so much I want to file a lawsuit against you for verbal insanity. 

   You are a fucking a racist too. You even have a nerve to mock and ridicule my best friend who is half African-American & half Japanese. Not only that, you don't have compassion of what you do in this life and be negative mouth fucker flapper because you think you're entitled to BITCH at anyone. You don't have love, you only have hatred. Also, as Japanese breed myself not only I'm embarrassed but at the same time you're a disgrace as Japanese and as a teacher. Dear God I hope someone hits your physical portion by your ignorant actions. You are the one who is retarded not your child. Someday, I bet your child don't want to deal with you anymore. You're sick asshole bitch.



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