+Rouge_ Teddy should be self proclaimed the BITCH. So proud of you moron and nice try.

Don't even bother to comment more BullShit comments you fucking troll. It seems like you're a typical sick or ill-mental liberal got nothing to do but to vomit along with your fucking partner +NuclearBosnian. People like you have not learned nor always will be a retard because all you do subscribe, troll, BITCH, HARASS, eat shit, sleep, login, etc & REPEAT. You don't like what +The Michael Anderson Show says or I comment is fine I'M ENTITLED my opinion jack ass. I dare you say that to your Mom like that. Oh, yeah that's right you can't, GOOD choice. You should know better, Reaper Teddy democrap asshole. Majority of you liberals and protesters are EMOtional freaks. Sad thing is that you are low educated poor idiot who never learns and don't read a fucking book. I don't give a shit if you vote for her which isn't surprising because you do look like her only in penis male version. 

FUCK OFF brat. 

Oh, here is my advice to you. If I was a superior gorgeous HACKER. I will go beyond that you would not imagine. You need to back off, hopefully this is a lesson and to other morons out there. DON'T TREAD ON ME. I ain't your whore bitch, I am a witch, student, nerd AND aspiring Philosopher. Usually I keep my mouth quiet, because you know what they say: "Silence is Golden." Oh it's fine golden alright, but then I don't tolerate assholes like you to walk other me & get raped by your hideous BITCH comments like you fugly. You are NOT my parent(s), BO$$ or some kind of clan leader. You are NOT special or people like Trump, Mike Pence, Diamond & Silk, David Clark Jr., Commander-In-Chief or Navy SEALS & other heroic veterans. When you tell people to Shut The Fuck Up all because you hate it, doesn't make you a hero shit face. You got some nerve to to me or others to stfu, and if you were right there physically and say that along with your stupid physical attacks I will GLADLY shoot you with my 2nd Amendment Rights, prick.

Thanks for wasting my time, No, you wasted your time to Tom Peep what I needed to say. So, go fuck yourself CUNT fucker!!! Have a nice life comment Jack Ass Pancake flapper. 

Vampress ♥

Dear Google user +NuclearBosnian,

   FUCK YOU. For your incoherent comments on +The Michael Anderson Show's YouTube attacking me about cancer. FIRST of all I was referring to Hillary Rotten Clinton's NOT to the people who has cancer &/or cancer survivors. You sure got a nerve to just bluntly attack me, why? Is it because of my Japanese name? I personally think your a CANCER who deserves to have stage V cancer according to your google user name. FUCK YOU for going & raging on me out of nowhere you fucking DemoCRAP loser. I KNOW that cancer is shit, my paternal grandmother had breast cancer & SURVIVOR and still living at the age of 92. My Mother's Sister-In-Law has diagnosed lung cancer & still is alive and strong under careful treatment with TLC. 
   My comment is my freedom of expression regarding to Hillary LIAR Clinton. I find it ironic if you're cancer survivor you would have at least surpassed beyond CLASS. If you or any other viewers who got nothing better to do but to sit your obese fat ass AND eating on JUNK FOOD crap googling and then fart with OUTBURST then you're the insane piece of fucker that should be in ASYLUM. Don't you EVER do that again, just because you read a comment then go into emotional rage then telling that person to FUCK is SO fucking BIGOT. Seriously, it's a waste of time for morons like you to get discipline message across but it's well worth it. I will henceforth to put down beneath the mother nature's womb of soil because of your ignorant idiocy. 
  It seems like users or people just like you are the saddest human beings who don't think or comprehend on how to ignore people's comments on social media. I'm not asking you to agree with me, understood? To be in sharp as knife and point it like a laser is MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS if you don't like what I say then STFU. And if you don't know STFU, my GOD, Allah, ALMIGHTY etc., you are SO STUPID you are anyways. So, to all cancer &/or cancer survivors don't let this retard +NuclearBosnian let you an example of who you are. 

  You're an embarrassment as an American, sweetie. I got no time and patience on sick or mentally-ill mind majority of liberals to tread on me. I'm a strong believer in GOD, proud American AND Republican. Strong supporter of 2nd Amendment & NRA. A daughter of legal immigrants and a STRONG SUPPORTER of "Build a Wall" and sayonara to illegal immigrants. Now, lets not get into protest and cry baby about 'racist' here, Any immigrant is welcome just don't do it illegally GOT IT. Lastly #TRUMPPENCE2016 ALL THE WAY BABY. Proud to be part of #TRUMPTrain. With conclusion: GOP, Republicans are most of the time are "RIGHT!" And I sense you're probably a Clinton supporter.... if you are then another FUCK YOU asshole. If you're supporter of her 4 Americans killed in Benghazi then you are nothing downgraded into terrorist you FUCKER. 
   There, it feels SO damn good to get rid of that of my chest. The next time you do that, I truly hope someone really SMACKS the hell FUCK of your shit mouth. You can thank me later, that I made you famous on the social media. Or maybe you should become a military person. Why? The answer are so simple, because of your F-BOMB on me so, you can use your anger into something better. Oh, that right, you're a BIG ASS colorful Rainbow FLARING DINOSAUR. You have to be a human being. I thought your species extincted? Huh, guess your from URANUS or something. Not that I give a FUCK. Have a nice FLARING FUCKER day, dingbat!


P.S. I have reported/BLOCKED you to keep me a peace of mind so you can get some F-BOMB NUCLEAR therapy. YOU ARE VERY FUCKING welcome, BIG ASS RAINBOW PIMP!

Dear Yemi Vassor,

   In case if you are wondering why I haven't email you about any advice Japan is because I don't have your email address. As a matter of fact, I threw your email into garbage. It was pleasure to do so with your shaky, happy, annoying obsession about me & Japan. There is no need to give advice, I want you to go there, for what? Catch Japanese girls and have sex with them? You shouldn't deserve to go there, a guy who cries in front of a girl. Seriously, real men or Japanese men don't cry okay. It's considered a weakling, you see Asian girl or Japanese girls are not your toys. Be prepared to be segregated by the way you act. Japanese are known to be elegant, calm and purity. I think you're confused with Koreans as well. Japanese are highly exceptional human species, we are THE DIVINE PEOPLE like no other. I take pride on my own blood, my lineage especially my Mother Country.

   You see I'm glad to say that I'm NOT your friend. If you said sorry then why did you kept texting me out of annoyance. Should have known better, by the way you are on my shit list. Pretty soon I'll let the social media world know that you are going to Japan in August. Try learning the language, can you behave in well controlled behavior? Or are you to hyped up going there because you just want to soak at it when I won't be able to go for a while. You know it's insulting you're going while I'm working hard and going to school. Not everything is cheap so good luck at spending money. Japan has pretty strict about tourists or immigration so better be a good boy.

   Like a I said, have a nice fucking life and in Japan. You better not mess my ancestral nation or someone will kamikaze on your soul.


   If you are reading this Yemi Vassor, then I would like to clarify some things from now on. Just because we talked after only 2-3 weeks of not speaking and seeing you DOESN'T mean we are friends or into friendship. Sorry, unfortunately, I'm very interested yes, you are sure right on the spot about that (applause) but at the same time I have several aspects about certain people with tough love to those individuals that are getting to a point of my annoyance. First, MEN DON'T FUCKING CRY LIKE AN EMOTIONAL BABY IN FRONT OF WOMEN. That was a definite red flag there dude, to be honest I was expecting a bit more professional REAL gentlemen but apparently you were too desperate to want me back. Seriously, you are really creepy and very distracted on something that made me want to do research about YOU. 

   You see if you are sorry, which I did forgive you but down to strike 2: one for being a real jerk when I was really in not in the mood plus texting me every time on the weekend about some crap about you waking up and etc. Which I didn't care, second for crying in front of me like real big boohoo baby. Just suck it up you know you screwed up my view about you. So here is a thing, I googled, checked your facebook and instagram and I know EXACTLY why you are interested in me: because I'm Asian and more specifically being Japanese. You see about 85% to 90% your friends are Asians as well as following EXPLICIT naked Asian/Japanese girls on instagram. It really want to shoot my smartphone, make myself vomit my own blood to death. SERIOUSLY? Is that why on that day you just came up and wanted SO DESPERATELY to have relationships or God's fucking sake have sex with me? You are really fucking disgusting, I have discussed with my Mother about this and she is feeling a little bit heated about it. 

   Here are some things that I want you to know and policies that I made to keep you away and don't even bother to fantasies about me with your obsessed mind:

  • Do not talk to me so much or workout with me in a gym; I would like to really focus on my time working out to use my time wisely. The fact is you are wasting my time and my personal time.
  • You want to say Hi fine I'll say hi but lets keep it short & simple ;)
  • Do not be discouraged if I don't talk to you because this is your test on how to control your weird addiction by lets say study your class notes.
  • If you do stalk me in any way I will call the police & spread the word on all of social networking accounts to everyone that I'm being harassed by your insanity of your obsession.
GROW THE FUCK UP, it's still funny and makes me to Shake My Head when you cried I thought: "Wow, this nerd is crying like a escaped Asylum." 

   When you told me that you were down and your other co-workers told you what is wrong. I bet at least one of them thought that you should have leave her alone & stop bothering her. Then at one time when you said "Marry me" with that creepy smile, that was totally made go okay, what the fuck? Don't ever say that because I would have punched your face and your dick. That was little fucked up don't you think? You don't ever say in a hardcore rush telling me or other gals to marry you. And follow with me where I go on my routine in the campus. 

   Anyways, nuff said. One thing about cat person is they love people who keep it calm & classy. You're more of dog type of person; also, you are NOT my type, Taurus men or women are fucking ANNOYING shits. Except few of them are honorary exceptional to me. As much as I hate to say this but why not act like a Lucifer once in a while right? A good family friend & a wonderful philosopher guy told me "Blue birds goes with blue birds & Red birds goes with red birds." Not a racist but that's how it should be although love only wins no matter what. Do yourself a favor, just say hi & bye to me and we are all good. Even though the situation is in the past, I don't forget so, be careful with that thin ice you are walking on. Particularly, real Japanese women are not sluts, sex slaves; you encountered with the wrong person. 

Have a nice life, super larged crybaby,


Dear Readers,

   There are too many, crazy things going on and one example I can easily come out in my mind is shooting incidents. You know did you ever think or wonder this came out to be? Is it because we are only thinking ourselves or is it just how it is? There is a saying that: "Everything happens for a reason." And yes, I'm a true believer in that. It seems like nowadays we live in a place, especially, living in US being born & raised things has changed into destruction at nonstop and increasing rate of careless reck. It's sad, very sad, so sad that majority of people are just simply heartless and don't give a fuck. Well, that goes same for me unfortunately, because a lot of you are so retarded don't know how to keep control and calm yourself. So, don't come into my face telling have some "little compassion" or "well, that's too bad isn't it" attitude. You don't know how the society has effected me because of disgrace human beings exists out there. 

   Just to clarify about these two quotes that was told by patients that I dealt with in the last few weeks. Screw the HIPAA policy, not an excuse but people just break rules because they think they can. To Cora White who lives in NJ, 30 years of A.A. or known as Alcoholic Abuse. You are one heck, sad and a bit of hypocrite washed out mentally disabled woman who are still effected from it. I remember you told me have a "little compassion" and taunting me about telling to Doctor about it? You can go say that to yourself in the mirror old hag, don't you ever talk to me when we've just met. You don't know very well who I am and dealt with in MY Life. It's your fault that you, yourself put in hands of booze. People like you are weaklings whose souls don't have guts to move on instead fuck with alcohol beverage. First of all, having compassion is obvious and most important list in working clinical &/or medical office. I do have compassion, in fact they or the doctor would not have bothered hired me if I didn't have a compassion, bitch. Next time watch what you say and don't worry the next time you come in, I'll be sure to avoid you.
   And to Irene Gerard, grand old lady in her what 90's? Watch the way you speak honey. You are no worthy to judge my work performance just because you've been a long follow up patient & I'm new employee. I was graciously trained by people who has been working as techs for at least 10 years or more. I'm a fast learner but has great heart, even if I act like sassy girl. With all due respect, I was applaud the way you were acting while I was taking care of you. Especially when checking IOP, don't be a cunt like I described and same goes to any other patient, if you get anything 20 or under 20 that is good standard pressure numbers in your eyes. The reason it was at that range on the day of your visit was two possibilities: 1) there was a little high pressure because you were somehow too intense in your mental state or 2) in physiological aspect there was something going on with your body. Not to worry, as we get older at some point our bodies change and yes, I do understand with your "ridiculous" disagreement there because every individual body has its on exact number or their normal range. Lastly, they way you spoke to me was officially rude and I pity the way you act, but what can I say you're a Democrat; a typical Asshole donkey bitch.

   As to other craziness situations that occurs everywhere. Watch where you're driving, the way you interact people or to me. Because I'm not your bull shit sponge, you who are nothing but lunatics get your shit together and stop eating so much crap & junk. Along with usage of your smartphones and other unhealthy activities. It's not my fault for your misery and all other issues. Don't get me wrong, I do have issues but you know what I don't take it out on others because I know better. It's all about control, being truthful and have respect. Think about TPO, or known as Time Place and Occasion haven't your parents, guardians, god parents or your mentors taught you to mannerisms. Oh wait, I guess not because the education is so bad and poor, parents or relatives don't care about their children so what's the point, right? Most of you are so stupid, thanks for making me sick and stronger at the same time. If you dare to think I'm a mentally ill bitch well, you are one fucked up troller who still don't get my point. Do yourself a favor, and google or youtube how much people are retards. That will make you STFU. Later haters, idiots and psychos.


   Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well and hanging tight on grips of positive vibes! I'm hanging on it too, no matter how pissed off I can depending on my mood and on how not to mess with me or other good, innocent people. So, here is my truthful rant on particularly two main assholes that occurred this past afternoon. One event was after class in Davie. The other was at Lauderdale By The Sea.

  At Davie, I was on my way at the bank where I withdraw some money once or twice every month. When I got to the intersection of Nova Drive & College Avenue, some jerk or an asshole got a nerve & very courageous of him in stupid choice to honk at me for approximately 5 seconds. Dude, seriously, FUCK YOU! You have no right, NO RIGHT TO HONK AT ME. You are one son-of-a-bitch and it's a good thing you were scared of me because if I had gun and even bothered me more I'll shoot all of your fucking rubber tires. You are a fucking retard to force me to go faster when I'm responsible for my life and safety on the road. Don't you ever do that again and as a karma with lesson, I hope someday you get into an accident and learn your fate. Shame on you, for pushing me to go faster while I was doing my part to make sure there was no coming at the other side. Go Fuck yourself, you poor retarded dick. Have a stupid and nice life.

  Second event, ahhh the nice place in Lauderdale  By The Sea. I was at SunTrust to withdraw some money which I go there once or twice a month. All of a sudden, ans it's not surprising but there is poor, white man on a golf art charging $5 for parking. Now, don't get me wrong, we're human being and got to make a living. But this is out of picture, instead this motherfucker is rude, stalker and he thinks he is a smart ass. Well, guess what douche bag, you may think and act like you don't remember me but I know in your shitty mind you do. You know I go there and park that's supposed to be SunTrust parking NOT yours. Don;t you ever gesture me and talk to me on where to park you fucking, knocked out, missing teeth dick head. And I talked to you in pure English not broken English, so don't play games with and act all cute. I told the everybody works in the SunTrust. Have a nice and an Alzheimer's life. You are one puny worker, go work at publix or a liquor store. People like you got no value of living and at least the homeless got guts, wisdom and everlasting kindness. Get a reality check dumbass.



Dear Readers, Bloggers or whoever & wherever you are,

   I hope you had a wonderful, Yummy in your Tummy feast from Thanksgiving. I know I did, luckily because of my new evolved metabolism I'm well control of my weight (thank goodness). Since most of us have to go back to business of working tomorrow, this is a few reviews of a reminder for those who thinks they can twist their fucked up minds & games when I'm driving on a road and working with patients: don't try my patience and kindness because Karma exists 24/7. 

  One of my favorite hobbies is to drive but not in cocky, lunatic manner like the majority of drivers out there who would want to risk their lives because they're filled with stupidity & don't know how to chillax. Seriously, lady vixens and genital dickheads, calm the fuck down. It's very simple of what the issue is, it's called your problem along with time management. If you are in a hurry because you're going to be fucking late for your class &/or work or what ever the fuck it is then you road ragers should have woken up and smell & drink a cup of coffee in the early morning. Maybe if you cut down your time of looking or staring at the fucking laptop or smart phones at night, then you could have saved your precious hormone Melatonin your sleeping aid. By doing that, you wouldn't have to be so grouchy, horny or bitchy at me or other platinum safe drivers out there because you can't simply control of your shitty issues. On the other half asshole drivers who are to fucking busy with your texting (or sexting because you're too desperate to get fucked) then fucking pull over at a parking lot and then do what you need to do. People like me are fed up of your stupid excuses and think that you have a right to lash out because everything is not going as planned in your own little retarded world. It's kind of sad that people are becoming more out of it and go into unexplainable rage and to make it worse, attack on minorities by garnishing hatred. Especially the outrageous mentally-ill gun users who has a nerve to threaten people's fragile lives, you are one of son of a devil and may God strike you down in mercy for messing his precious beautiful variety of background human race. So, for any of you tailgating me and cut in front of in a near close; FUCK YOU. Don't you ever do it again and I hope you get into a horrible car crash to a point that it nearly fatally wounds you for a lesson.

  Working with patients is a job for me that I love to do in a ophthalmology office that specially deals with retinal diseases. Most of the patients are in golden, wisdomatic years and very good people. But unfortunately, we do get yucky patients who are sad, pathetic and mean idiots because they can't be grateful and appreciate the fact that we the staff are there to help them out. I call these old hags or ugly douche bags the jerks. Just because I'm young, have decent beautiful skin, proud Asian a purebred Japanese does not make you the right to attack me verbally. Don't know your problem is folks but I'm and other staff are here to listen, help and RESPECT you. You see I'm a strong believer & supporter of patients comes first, no matter what and at the same time if you act like a real retard and disrespect by twisting it with your ugly demonized personality, you are messing with the wrong place and we don't deal with that. Even the doctors don't deal with that either so you can take your pity and bark it somewhere else, understand? Also, some of you think you are there to interview and try to get some insights all about me. Sorry, this is about you and it's none of business about me that's called my privacy rights. We only meet for the first time and I will ONLY share my FYIs if you are well-behaved and don't behave like a emotional reck of needy attention. Other tha that lets not take time to socialize because we take care a lot of patients and I have better things to do like learning new gadgets while work. 

  Thank-you for reading my stress released rants of my daily routine life. Again, don't make me say I told you so, because I have been honest of how I deal and what I really hate the most assholes that I have to deal with because they are just too many of them take too much shit food, poor & ill-educated and even worse so retarded.

The best immortal,



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