So I don't want to sound a selfish, stubborn child who just got recently hired at A&F. But I had a few moments and thinking about this Call-in shifts that I was scheduled today which apparently they didn't need me, fine; and for tomorrow and this Saturday. Now, I considered as part-timer and I'm not going to complain but if there are part-timers out there and they're scheduled R (Regular) and/or T (Task) without any Call-in shifts then I'm going to be in suspicious mode. Or who knows, maybe I'm just paranoid or overthinking about it. Lets not forget how the past of Abercrombie & Fitch went through stupidity of discrimination and that ugly former CEO stated on his interview with Salon dot com. I consider myself a precious minority but strong-willed who is determined if I know I'm being treated with lack of respect. Of course I deserve a respect and at the same time, don't treat like a shit because even if these assistant managers, store manager and/or current brand representatives think I'm stupid then they're messing with wrong person. 

 You have no idea how much of waiting while job search and still rejected because nowadays this nation got fucked with corrupted lies and losing virginity of morals. Don't get me wrong, this nation used to be filled with respected people but not any longer instead those people who exist today are just population amount of thin ice sheet. So going back of that rejection, fuck the "equal opportunity employment" because it's cute but it's not equality. There still rotted people who doesn't know how to open doors with new and acceptance. But I must say A&F career, thank-you for hiring me but don't underestimate me. This call-in shift is making me go beserk into okay, kiss my ass and I'll show you how precious specimen that I can show with exceptional service by making you think twice. I may not be experienced worker but I know how to treat costumer with clean slate of politeness. Trust me, full-breed Japanese like myself, you really don't want to start with your common easy target. Because I take a great pride of my divine lineage, a soul of samurai and lets not forget with alter ego of Kamikaze fighter strength.

Later Bitches,
Vampress xoxo

 So eventually most of us go through hell because we keep getting rejection whether an interview for a job and/or graduate school. But, giving up is never an option and searching for something the least place that will give us an opportunity is truly endless. I'm one of those millions if not billions looking for at least part or full time job. It was depressing and as a matter of fact I have developed a mild depression because of it and because of the society that I'll be living for a lot more while; until I get to see my dearly beloved deceased relatives on the other side. But I still kept searching & applying and I finally found one and man, God truly does listen whenever I need because I do pray everyday. It does not matter if it's not related to my major because the primary reason is to earn some money and getting an experience. I recently got through an orientation at Abercrombie and Fitch then starting to train on this Saturday. Yes, A&F and I don't care what you think and what happened during last few years ago about what that "Super-bloated botox faced" Mike Jefferies the former CEO stated. That poor guy didn't know about the real "diversity" meant and so I'm glad that I got recruited by this company. A lot has changed and therefore I'm honored to get an opportunity to work with this beautiful, elegant, casual & sexy brand.

 To give you some advice on how I did if going specific on applying Abercrombie & Fitch or related company of it:

  • At first I went to the company's website by scrolling down at Careers then started applying of what position that I'm interested in.
  • Then at the end you have to choose on what date & time you would like to be interviewed.
  • Be sure to print out Application completion notice because it has the application ID and bring it with you at the interview just in case.
  • Now for interview question there are only about 3-5 question but the most essential question is "What is Diversity?" Which is THE question for Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Also before going the interview, do your homework. Research about the company's interview question by googling it, taking notes and YouTube does have helpful insights from current and/or former employers who will give you an advice about how it goes about the process.
  • After the interview it will take about a week when they call you and depends if they are looking for new recruiter. 
 I hope this helps and generally don't be afraid to ask questions to an employee or the manager of the company you are interested at. Don't let the rejection make you feel like a loser because you're not. Losing hope is like suicide so suck it out and keep searching because like I stated before "Giving up is for bullies."
Always do research, take notes and meditate. Have a clear mind and think about what you can do and not what you can't. 

 Have a wonderful Summer, be safe, stay cool and protect yourself from the harmful rays of the Sun by applying Sunscreen, wear sunglasses & a hat. Take-care and do drink plenty of H2O. 


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I did, still and for infinity grateful that my Mother still living and generally well.
I am also grateful too for my friends who are now proud Mothers.
I learned a lot ans till do.
What can I say. I'm still a baby to my Mom, even if I'm matured.
My wish is someday to become a Mother too.
But I'm not yet ready.
And even if I will never be married, I would love to adopt.

My Mom is awesome for several reasons:
-Well educated
-Very Open-minded
- English is her second language but don't think she's stupid!
- Bookworm oh, she sure loves to read & learn.
- Japanese Patriot (me too!)
- Strong-willed
and very lastly she's is my philosophy.

I love her very much! 


This goes out to FAU students who are former College Physics 2 students, if you are interested on April 23, 2015 at 10:30 to 12:15 p.m. you can earn $25 by taking a practice AP exam by contacting

I found this out by a professor on twitter and my friend who is TA for his course and I'm just simply spreading out a word. The main reason is they want to see how well college physics are and that they really need people. 

If you have a guts go for it, and good luck!

  I really hate to admit it but I'm one of those people who loves to speak out the truth even its harsh I really don't give a damn about it. People in the world especially this country as well as China needs to fucking realize that Earth is getting sick or polluted and it's effecting the climate of Earth. Sure I have had "specialists" sarcastically say that is not true or there are patterns while meteorologists love to "record" the highest or lowest hit etc. Enough is enough, all of you human beings needs to realize that what is important no not you; it's your future generation to let them carry on by protecting and loving the nature's beauty. Yes, I may not know shit or being an environmentalist or ecologist but I know for one thing: this planet was meant to care with understanding of how and why. How to care the environment and why it is important to do it and most importantly doing your part. I am not going to tell someone to recycle papers, plastics and other materials or tell to pick up what they just littered because the society in this country has been corrupted with lack of respect. This is not the America that I used to believed to honor, respect and have morals. Now, people just lost of simplicity of real values and it sickens me everyday. I had met a senior dean of student affairs of college of science at a university that I go to and she said: "Sure it was back in the day, there's no difference as comparing it today." I was in shock and pity for her comment plus, I'm glad I didn't she her again that she recommended I should she her again after a month from my situation of academic issues and/or concern. She is one of those Ph.D stereotypical bookworm who knows nothing but manually. She lost my respect for her, her loss not mine.

 Yes, I'm mad because of super fucked up weather in these days and meteorologists who keeps failing the report about "so and so percent chance of rain." And our precious green grass lawn is literally DEAD like fried up crispy hash brown dead. Don't give me that comment well use the hose or turn on sprinklers because I don't waste water nor do I disrespect nature's materials. Most people in these days have lost their minds and therefore lost their common sense because they are too busy in their own world staring at internet, social media and materialistic crap. Feel free calling me madwoman or a bitch because I don't give a fuck. That is why I thank-you in an opposite view for making me determined that someday I could make a difference. I don't trust all of you only few, I don't even trust the professionals but people who failed a lot and learned their mistakes and now in a top position of success. So don't even bother to try dazzle me your charm with an empty feeling filled with lies. I hope you can understand why I can be cold but still have a heart of a sun and vision of hope.


 As life amazes me in many ways, I come to realize piece by piece in mini series of my own wisdom and inspiration from other people. Just a few days ago or recently my favorite actress Angelina Jolie made a bold and awe moment statement on the Nickelodeon Award Show: "It's okay to be different." Quoting, “I want to say that when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different. And I felt out of place, and too loud, and too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And then one day, I realized something – something that I hope you all realize: Different is good. So don’t fit in, don’t sit still, don’t ever try to be less than what you are. And when someone tells you that you are different, smile, and hold your head up high and be proud. And, as your villain, I would also say, cause a little trouble – it’s good for you.” When I heard that on the news, it made me cry and smile at the same tine. I was like "Wow, there is somebody who awaken my true self." In fact I agree with her because for what I know I am different than average people. 

 I never fit in back when I was little and up to high school. I would be told by bullies and harassers like: "go back where you came from," being punched because they said I was too weak when I was about in middle school. Even at different school on the weekends, I would go to Japanese School in the SONY building in Boca Raton, FL back in the day and other classmates would say things like "you're Japanese, and don't know how to use dictionary?" or being mocked by others because Japanese was my second language. I had a such a hard life even to this day but I have overcome it by my courage and many years of strength with determination. I am shy but that doesn't mean I'm not afraid of what I want to say to haters. I may not know everything or an straight A fucking student but I sure know every bit of thing that catches my interest, reading books, newspapers and other articles. I maybe self centered or anti-social but I like to be wise, be in a safe environment and gain trust. I can be cold but when you respect yourself and others with morals then you can be sure to count on me if you need a hand. I like to be odd or eccentric but that doesn't mean I'm weird or a bad person.

 As long as I live, I don't care about what stereotypical academic or professionals think about me as a student. They don't know me, they don't know what I struggle with or the challenges that I deal with in everyday situations. Most people in these days can be hypocrite and lost the basics of common sense and their gift of intuition. I'm grateful for I am, I thank God regardless whatever you believe or religious background is because I was meant to be here on this Earth. I know my mission and will complete for whatever it takes because as I still learn, grow my sixth sense, I feel there is nothing that you can't do but what you can. I may be taking to slow with m education degree but you know what? I don't give a fuck because this is my path, my life, my education for the better future and I'm a fighter, hunger and a proud "fool." So, don't judge me when you don't know who I really am before getting to know me because I hate that, I mean I REALLY HATE IT.

 This goes out to anyone who was lonely and may still be. Take her advice, believe in yourself and if you realized you're not alone because God truly exists. If you do good karma, God is good to you and He loves you more than Himself. I know that because I am a human, because I am me, because I am a girl whose ancestors blood is known as "The Land of the Rising Sun." If I don't exist physically, that doesn't mean I'm gone for my soul is forever, an immortal. We were born this way as Lady Gaga sings, we were meant to be born in this beautiful world we breathe, we grow to takes steps into our mission, we learn and gain wisdom, we laugh to stay positive and we cry because we know why that when time comes every story has its end. You are unique in your way, so have courage and dare to be different keep your head held high and walk very proudly. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do, don't let anyone make you feel less and don't let anyone stop you on your goals.

 That's all I have to say for I need to finish my homework report, Lol! Take-care and have a lovely Thursday night and a wonderful weekend. May God Bless to each and every oddballs out there!

Peace & Love,

 Now, I don't want to be bias and god I hate to dislike people but the thing is there are times we will never get along nor be friends. However, I can respect all people even I hate that person with passion of fire & ice. This is my simple message to all geeks of deeper geeks; I respect you for your intelligence but don't except me to be your "buddy" or a classmate. Just today there was girl who wants to get so comfortable by impressing her compliment of my tote. I did thank her for her kind words but she reminded me of another girl who was so annoying and tried to take an advantage of me back in Biochemistry I and ugh it makes me want to vomit. I know it sound harsh and cruel but the thing about me is that there are specific people or individuals that I strongly feel we will never get along and I mean NEVER EVER. Even if I have to work with that person that's a different story because it's called teamwork and focusing on work & missions.

 There is a "past life" and whether you are skeptic or not I know we had at least few past lives. Past lives or reincarnation is a same soul who maybe different physical form but in the inside our souls are the same because you are you. I know that when I get along with people or certain individual its because I'm drawn to them because we might have met in different time. For instance my mother and I could have been friends or sisters or you & I were siblings and so on. The point is it's not because I hate you because who you are or what you look like its because we were never meant to be together or be friends. Stop forcing yourself by trying to attention from me because it looks odd and annoying. Sorry, but that's the reality. Mainly, the reason is because you probably were a jerk or caused horrible ways in the past lives where we vowed not to get along.

 Some of you need to get a life and mind your business. Focus on what you need to do and respect for what you have and grateful for. I'm grateful to meet new but positive, kind and respected allies/friends/classmates that I have met or still see around in the campus. I have noticed that there are two "blondies" that I usually see at girls locker room at the FAU gym on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I don't know why you stare or look at me intently for or what ever the f--- is but really knock it off because its getting old & stupid. Like I said before MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Well gotta go and enough of my gibberish crap. I need sleep and get ready to workout of my body & mind.

May your soul be grateful and with respect,


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